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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

My Day At The State Capital - Just Another Idiotic Tax Payer Getting In The Way Again.

My new hero is Tim Donnelly, California State Assemblyman from the 59th district. He had the guts and the brains to do what must be done to start dragging this state out of the gutter and checking it into rehab. Whether California, my home for like, forever, will ever recover from the onslaught of illegal aliens draining off all the resources, and the idiotic, simple minded politicians who think that any problem can be solved with handouts.

Yesterday I went to the hearing regarding two bills being introduced by Assemblyman Donnelly. This was all new to me, I am somewhat ashamed to say, so in case it is new to you, this was just to decide whether this bill should be debated or not. This wasn't a forum to pass or not pass the bills.

The first bill was AB-26 a bill loosely modeled after Arizona's law and order bill. It's intent was to give the police  the ability to turn over illegal immigrants to ICE instead of setting them free to commit more crimes against the people of California.

Beside being the primary reason the state is bankrupt and our infrastructure crumbling, there is an even greater human toll being taken on the population.

I drove up to Sacramento with some members of the Shaw Family, who lost their son, grandson and nephew Jamiel Shaw, II, an all-star athlete who was already being courted by professional sports, and was planning on going to college after high school, when he was brutally murdered in front of his own house by a low-life who shot him because he was black. Not because he was a black gang member, because Jamiel was nothing of the sort, but simply because of his skin color. The cockroach who shot him sports a tattoo bearing the letters "BK" or Black Killer. In the pathetic world of Hispanic gang bangers, shooting black people is somewhat of a sport.

Nobody talks about this, of course - even the area's black leaders ignore the fact that human beings with black skin are being hunted down like dogs and murdered. Law enforcement is well aware of this, but their hands are tied. Illegal alien gangs are protected in Los Angeles.

The police have told black residents of certain areas of Los Angeles to "get out" because they, the police can't protect them.

As soon as they are done with the blacks, whites will be next. The goal is to push out Americans of all colors as part of their plan to take over much of the Southwest which they have convinced themselves is rightfully theirs.  The white population is left alone for now, and I suppose they are for the most part oblivious as to their fellow American's plight.

Now I know what you are thinking if you are a white person... this doesn't jive with your image of "people of color" and their harmonious coexistence. Well, that is a big, fat lie. The "Progressives" have concocted that myth to pit black and white against each other, to remove obstacles to the implementation of their horrid agenda. They do not care about blacks at all. The Shaws found this out after their son was murdered by an illegal alien, and when they started to question why this criminal had not been deported given that he had been in and out of jail and was known to be both a gang member and in the country illegally. They found themselves being treated like the problem for "rocking the boat".

I am writing about this because I want you to understand that this is not just a money problem - it is literally a matter of life and death.

I could spend days talking about all the people who have had their lives destroyed by illegal aliens, Althea Shaw, Aunt of Jamiel, brought a stack of print-outs of newspaper articles detailing one tragedy after the other. Lives destroyed by liberal democrats and greedy rat-b*tard republicans who are both looking out for their own political careers rather than the welfare of the citizens they supposedly represent.

So, with that in mind, getting something done to start to turn back the invaders had a real sense of urgency attached to it.

Sacramento, California - Assembly Committee - Traitors exposed: Atkins, Dickinson, Feuer, Huber, Huffman, Monning, Wieckowski

So, after all the testimony had been given, it was time to put the measure to a vote. The bill died there in that room you see above. There will be no debate on the topic. Six of the 9 Assembly members do not think that illegal immigration is an important enough of an issue to even discuss.

I am looking for an audio copy of the vote - which is done by voice vote, because you need to hear the "NO" votes of some of these creeps. Some uttered the word "No" with such disgust, disdain and disrespect it was hard to comprehend. After hearing the heartbreaking testimony of victims of illegal aliens, and having at least 60 -70 supporters file through the room to voice their support of the bill, I expected at least a measure of respect, and acknowledgement that some have suffered greatly. I could swear one guy spit out the word "No".

These people do not care one bit. Not in the least. Citizens who do not ascribe to their point of view are just a royal pain in the ass, and should just shut-up and go away. After they have paid their taxes, of course.

The lead guy, even tried to wave us off when it came time to express our support for Mr. Donnelly's second bill - which would require employers to use e-verify to to screen out job stealers. I thought that the party of the working stiff might care that roughly 20% of the population is unemployed. But I was wrong. After MALDEF had spoken for a second time in opposition, and after the lowlife ACLU had spoken for a second time in opposition and various other hard line leftist reconquista groups had voiced their opposition, the arrogant Chairman Mike Feuer, Assemblymember, 42nd District, tried to dissuade us, the supporters from wasting the committee's time with our stupid opinions. We went ahead and wasted their time anyway.

The same six representatives of the working class voted to kill the use of e-Verify bill which would have removed foreigners from American jobs and given Americans a chance.

Of course, the people who live in The 42nd district, which "stretches from Los Feliz to West Los Angeles, including Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, and to vibrant San Fernando Valley neighborhoods from Sherman Oaks to Universal City" aren't worried about being slaughtered by Mexican gangs, and they would never dream of taking the jobs that illegal aliens do, and assume that nobody else would either, because their world is just spiffy. But there are plenty of other American citizens and legal immigrants in Los Angeles who would love to have a job, any job.

So they continue to vote for arrogant swine like this Mike Feuer so he can screw over lower income Americans and "fight for" their idealistic composite of a poverty stricken lesser human from Mexico, who they imagine to be a person in touch with the earth, pure in nature and spirit, and who is just waiting for a socially conscious fairy-godmother to touch them with their magic wand and transform them into Cinderella. It is just not quite as philanthropically glamorous for them to help a white family of four make their car payment as it is to help a descendant of a reduced-to-rags member of  the magic jungle people.

The inherent racism of their attitudes towards both whites and magic jungle people is completely lost on them, of course.

But, if you happen to need a job, any job, and would like to see jobs freed up by the illegal aliens currently holding them, you now know who your enemies are: Traitor Atkins, Traitor Dickinson, Traitor Feuer, Traitor Huber, Traitor Huffman, Traitor + Murder accomplice Monning, Traitor Wieckowski.


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