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Monday, April 18, 2011

Oh Dear, Another Racist White Person In The News

But No Mention Of Telemundo's Racist Little Show... John & Ken, don't you think there are enough CNNs out there to belabor the point that people make jokes and laugh at them that might or might not be racist? There are more important things going on at the moment than some woman sending out an email that we have all gotten at one point or another.

Obama is President of the United States, is he really such a hot-house flower that a picture of him as a monkey is going to stop all real news for us to do the obligatory I'm not a racist dance?  I would hope, actually, that we move on a step or two and say what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Except that Bush is the goose and Obama the gander.

Why don't you talk about what it means to black people now that S&P has downgraded US debt, if you are so concerned about the welfare of black people? While you're at it, talk about how it is going to affect the rest of us various shades of beiges and browns.


PS - I think it is incredible to assume that people maintain it in their consciousness that black people were at some point in history equated with monkeys. I can vaguely remember hearing about that or learning of it when I was a kid, but I relegated that bit of absurdity to the same place in my memory where I keep items which could cause a woman to be accused of being a witch and land her on the pyre. The first thing I think of concerning humans and monkeys is the ongoing argument of evolution vs creationism, and that the current scientific theory is that all humans have monkey relatives. I am now aware that it is a very sensitive area, and I wish it weren't because to me that is very 3-or 400 years ago. I just don't think of black people as being anything else but people with darker skin than I. If it were a slavery joke, I would understand right away how that can hit a nerve, but monkeys? Wow. Ok. Mental note made.

PPS - I also have to mention that it was in the late 1990s that I learned that there is something racist involving watermelon and black people. Before that, I had never heard any reference to how black people felt about watermelon, and I would not have associated watermelon with black people. Not in the least. Watermelon used to mean summer to me. I love watermelon and it was one of the best parts of summer. I grew up in California, and I think my education in racist black stereotypes was somewhat deficient. I still just take everybody's word on the whole watermelon thing, because to this day I still haven't noticed black people behaving any differently around watermelon than I do. So there.

PPSS - My watermelon and black people education coincided with my white people as crackers education, because I had never heard that either. I used to watch the Jeffersons when I was a kid, and on that show, they said "Honky" for white people. To this day, I am not quite sure why, but when I learned about "Cracker" I asked what it meant, and my friend told me that it is because black people perceive white people to be particularly fond of crackers. This makes sense if you think back to the pre-fancypants days when every restaurant would have Saltines on the table in a little basket next to the salt and pepper shakers. I prefer the term "Cracker" over "Honky" because "Cracker" sounds kind of cute.


Anonymous said...

FCKing sicking.....

Retro Housewife said...

Ambigu-bot strikes again.