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Friday, April 08, 2011

Project Gun Runner

So, Our government was arming Mexican gangs? And they sue Arizona for trying to defend itself? I saw Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce the courageous author of Arizona's Law & Order bill again on Monday, April 4, 2011 as I was sitting in the office of Assemblyman Mike Davis listening to the Shaw family ask, in vain, for his support. Senator Pearce described the big drop in crime and welfare claims on the state after the passage of his bill, something Californians can only dream of since Committee on Public Safety is more concerned with the rights of illegal aliens than the lives of Californians - of any color. Assemblyman Mike Davis started rambling on about the needs of Agriculture, which there isn't any of in his district, but that is the fall-back excuse for doing nothing.

As we see here, it doesn't help you even if you are an American of Hispanic descent - (which I conclude some of these ranchers are based on their surnames). The government still refuses to help these people who are being run off the land. Why? I wish I knew. Do they agree with Navarro and gang that they should cede the Southwest to the fictional people of Aztlan? Another accomplishment of the University of California, since the plan for the retaking of Aztlan was hatched at UC Santa Barbara in 1969 - by traitors who now hold public office - such as Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa! Another good reason to cut funding even more to the farce which is University of California.

Ranchers pay the price. - And you can't defend your land. At least not in AZ where a rancher tried to do that and got sued in US courts by the illegal aliens trespassing on his property - and lost. There isn't much you can do when your government sells you out. It is happening in California, too.


PS: I stopped by my own Assembly Member's office, DAS WILLIAMS, and left a message that I would like to speak to him. To date, haven't heard a peep and I don't expect to. They are not interested in anything anybody has to say that might rock the boat.

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