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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Women Left Home - State Moves In

Ladies, first they convinced you that your job was mundane, dreary, demeaning and worthless. Now you all rush out to that fascinating life as an accountant, insurance adjuster or whatever. Suddenly, the State, via the public school unions feel that you are not adequately caring for you children. It is better, they think, that you sleep in, instead of packing junior a lunch - since that is verboten anyway. They are far better informed, and have only the best intentions regarding your child, so thank you very much, but that little reminder of home at noon is now getting in the way of the fascists who want to control absolutely everything, and it is best if you don't fill their little heads with strange ideas because the next thing to come, is for these same idiots who think the items on the tray above pass for a nutritious lunch will soon be accusing you of putting anti-social ideas into their little drugged out heads. And then they take your kids.

This isn't even original. Back in 1989, thousands of people who had spent their lives with people like these could be seen jumping over walls, climbing through windows and running away as fast as their little feet would carry them in a desperate attempt to get away from people like those in the Chicago public school system.

If you want to look and see what your future holds, just google "stasi akten english" and look for some translated versions of the files kept by the communist Gestapo aka Stasi. Folks, they never tell you what they are really up to until it is too late. They know you would try to escape.


Stasi On Wikipedia - English
Where spies met - map of all the apartments in the city of Erfurt where the Stasi could have their "Spy-Ins"
Child Care in East Germany (German) - The goal was to bring up little socialists, parents had less influence on their kids than the State did. The children were sometimes used to report anti-government attitudes, speech or acts.
Forced Adoption in the former East Germany "Zwangsadoptionen in der DDR" They really did this. Even now, 20 years after the fall of the wall, parents are still looking for their children, children for parents or any relative. This stuff happened because the State did not approve of how the parents were raising their children. The state knew better, and it was the parent's job to raise their children for the State.
"Death" of Newborns  - You go in to have your baby, they tell you it died, but something just doesn't seem right. Like the story of this mother who was taken to the cellar while she was in labor. She was given a shot in her left arm, which caused her arm to swell and she lost consciousness. When she awoke, they said her son was doing badly, but never showed him to her. She flipped out and they pumped her full of the drug "Faustan". She would periodically awake to the sound of her own screams, and after 3 days they told her that her son was dead. There was no funeral and the father never saw his dead son. Shortly thereafter she was divorced for political reasons; she watched western TV. She always had the feeling her son was alive and then a psychic told her she had 4 sons - 3 sons + the supposedly dead one. Now she is looking for her 4th son.

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