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Saturday, May 07, 2011

Curiously Communist - SEIU Demands Return To 19th Century So They Can Take Over Means Of Production

Does the SEIU have plans to kidnap Steven Spielberg or Mickey Mouse during their workers' revolution? The problem communists face these days, is that the largest sectors of the California economy don't really require any large-scale factories or what the old fatso Marx called "the means of production". In Los Angeles, which is home to a surprising number of communists given that the biggest "industry" is Hollywood and the main means of production is contained inside somebody's head and regardless of whether they manage to get their hands on that head, with or without the body attached, they can't force it to think up more creative ideas.

Not only that, what it to stop somebody in Iowa from having creative ideas and making some bit of entertainment before the SEIU can figure out where the rogue thinker is hiding and take him or her over, too?

Or maybe they have set their sights on Google's video game arcade or those magic chairs that Google has acquired (those Capitalist swine) that enable those who sit in them to bring forth the most searchable of search algorithms and invent the dandiest digital apps, greatest gizmos and wonky-est widgets.

What? No magic chairs? More brain matter?

Think somebody should clue in the SEIU to the fact that they are about a century too late? I believe the means of production they are looking for are now located in China and they will have to fight that out with the Chinese communists. My money is on the latter, though.


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