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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

First Glen Beck, Now John and Ken...

So, Fox decides to kick Glen Beck off the air because, well I don't know why. He was a good source of news and information despite what the left says. Every bit of fact checking I did on my own which on topics brought to light by Glen Beck turned out to be true, which is more than I can say about news sources such as the LA Times.

Now, John and Ken of KFI have suddenly started to talk about absolutely irrelevant nonsense, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, or the French idiot who may or may not be guilty of whatever it is they are claiming, but I don't care. Not in the least. It is not relevant to my life in the least whether Arnold has 1 or 62 illegitimate children. The topics John and Ken were covering before were very relevant. If you live in California, they are relevant to you, too.

Those who criticize them simply do not want the public to know what is going on, because if you do a little research, you will find that they are telling the truth as well. I am wondering whether somebody with money had a hand in getting them to babble about nonsense instead of keeping tabs on what is going on in our state government as they had been doing. That means, the next thing to go will be the internet. We are screwed.


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