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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Martial Law Is No Fun - Agenda 21 And Self Appointed Deciders Of Our Future

Videos such as the one I am posting here are all over the Internet. Some of the theories are a bit too wacky for my taste - I am nowhere near believing in prophecies, psychic predictions, time machines or aliens from a distant planet or hidden underground or lizard people, despite Queen Elizabeth's resemblance to a reptile in certain photos.

But I am concerned about the threat of martial law, and I believe the arrogance required for certain individuals to think they have the right to decide the world's fate is present in more than sufficient quantities. I don't worry about lizard people, I worry about human people. I worry because we have people like John P. Holdren serving as chief science geek to the president, and because I heard a rumor about certain philosophies that he held that seemed more like something stemming from the Third Reich. So I went to an online bookstore and bought a few of the books Holdren had written or edited. Together with Mr and Mrs. Ehrlich (who together could quite likely be an odd reincarnation of Josef Mengele), these big thinkers talked about how to reduce the world population to a sustainable level and which methods would be effective in achieving this lofty goal. Mass sterilization, putting infertility drugs in the water or food - neato stuff like that.

There may or may not be too many people on the planet, but it seems to me that populations stabilize as they grow wealthier, so I don't worry about it too much. I do worry about people who think they are some sort of Nietzsche √úbermensch and are justified in doing whatever they think is needed to "save the planet".

The planet doesn't need saving, and if it did, certainly not by the bureaucrats at the UN, or academics who consider themselves smarter than everybody else, or politicians who have never earned a dime that didn't stem from somebody else's labor.

When a New York Times commentator laments that our government doesn't have dictatorial powers like those of the Chinese government to implement "enlightened green policies" and that commentator still has a job the next day and is taken seriously, it means that those in power are dangerously full of themselves.

I don't care whether you are a democrat or a republican - if you have enough arrogance to see yourself as one of the few who always knows best, and use terms such as "enlightened" to describe yourself and those who think like you do, you eventually wind up at the same place - authoritarian control and oppression of the people (those that survive).

These types of people are usually completely incompetent to boot, because their "vast" amounts of knowledge have been acquired by reading about other people who do things. Humility comes from attempting to do - build a house, a bridge, start a business, grow food  - all those things that can seem so simple when you read about them, but despite having read volumes of books on growing potatoes, for example, the first attempts to actually grow them produce no potatoes.

We are giving the government too much power and control - and we are so busy fighting over ideology that we have forgotten that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely - regardless of party affiliation. That never ends well.


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