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Monday, May 09, 2011

Memo To Jerry Brown - Baby Boomer Kids Graduated Already

Dear Jerry Berry Brown,

I just heard a quote attributed to you about how "once voters see what an all cuts budget means, they will want to contribute more." If you make the cuts to schools, the unions will pull their usual trick of keeping the duds employed and laying off the good teachers, resulting in larger class sizes etc. If you are expecting a major outcry, you had better get a hearing aid so you don't miss it.

You see, Gov. Berry Jerry Brown, my daughter is finishing her sophomore year in college this month. The year she graduated from high school, the Boomlet produced by the Boomers had reached its peak and is now waning. That means that your biggest voting demographic no longer has anything vested in the public school system - they have, for the most part, already cashed out. Sure there will be a few squeaks out of principle, but the ones who will actually feel the pain of the cuts are the children of GenX.

GenX is used to having the party broken up just as they arrive, they don't usually complain much as a group, they just clean up the mess as best they can and make do. Also, most of the X'ers I know would rather you didn't bankrupt the state by beefing up boomer pensions any more. I have a feeling that as soon as we get a GenX'er in office, we will do away with those bloated boondoggles anyway.

Just make the darn cuts already. If you really wanted to do something good for the state, get rid of those blankity blank unions. Did you really become Governor again just to show us all that you are just as corrupt as all the other politicians? Seems kind of lame to me.


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