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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Alameda Firemen, The Princess & The Pea, And Other Hot House Flowers

The Alameda Fire Department says budget constraints are preventing it from recertifying its firefighters in land-based water rescues. Without it, the city would be open to liability.

Here is my opinion on Alameda's delicate little firefighters, and the public employee unions most likely responsible for the blatant NON action of the merry little men charged with rescuing the unfortunately positioned. Forget firing them. Forget shaking your finger at them and saying "shame on you sorry excuses for human beings". There should be criminal charges brought against these men. That's right. Lock them up.

The two firefighters who spoke with the press each make well over $200,000 per year in salary and benefits. So it is understandable they are having budget difficulties.

By occupying the positions reserved for people willing to actually save people, but refusing to do so, they are committing fraud. They are worse than useless. For the money we are spending on these prissies, we could have at least FOUR 20 year old females who are not afraid to go into the water if the situation calls for it.

The one who actually braved the cold water to retrieve the needlessly dead person was a 20 year old girl, who was apparently not concerned about whether her dainties would be damaged by the salty sea water. It seems the Alameda fire department issues delicate lace panties to all the firefighters and they were concerned about ruining this symbol of their manhood.

Are you people sick of this yet, because I sure am. This state would be a lot better off if we just fired every single public employee, top to bottom - get rid of them all before we all starve to death in the poor house.

This isn't even a matter of political leaning anymore. It is simple corruption and incompetence. Who voted for that?


PS - to anybody who might complain that this posting is is supposed to be. In fact, I worry it isn't sexist enough. At least when we had sexism, firemen did their damn jobs.

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