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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Best Americans Are Those Who Still Remember Why They Came

Raymond Herrera @ Coro CrossTalk on Immigration from HMG on Vimeo.

Raymond Herrera tells it like it is. It's funny, I have gotten so used to being one of the hated white people, that I forget that is not too long ago when I would have been considered "ethnic" since I am not Anglo-Saxon, either. The evil that is attacking us in its many forms has brought many 2nd, 3rd... generation Americans to the point where they would snicker and sneer at the words spoken by Mr. Herrera, as some skunk is doing in the background in the video above.

But, if you can lift your head out of the slime and sludge that they have been trying to drown us in, and think back to the time before the evil took hold, you will recognize the United States Of America once again, as described by Raymond Herrera. America The Good, the optimistic, where anything is possible and the only real poverty is poverty of the spirit. The way it is in much of the rest of the world - that your station at birth will be your station at death and you just have to accept it.

We have the Weasels running the place at the moment, but we can get rid of them. Then, we all need to try to be much more like the people who built this great country and quit complaining, demanding special rights, and condemning a significant percentage of our people to a life of pathetic dependency. What we need right now is a country full of The Little Engine That Could - not the robbers and thieves of the social justice crowd. Ick, Ick, Ick. Their motto? Hello, I am incompetent, lazy and stupid so give me yours.

If union leaders really want to help the working stiff, why don't they start a company and give people jobs? This ain't the 1800s when starting a company meant needing a big expensive factory. Lots of people start companies with almost nothing. So how 'bout it SEIU? Let's see you really do something to help the prolo.


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