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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Bet You're Going To Love The Second Amendment - Chicago Next To Detroit

Flash mobs, mobbing, groups of unemployed youths, heavily armed gang members - show up in your nice, leafy green neighborhood for a little recreation, caveman style. They rob you, beat you maybe even kill you and disappear before the cops get there... who then claim there is nothing here to see, folks, move along, move along, and your newspaper ignores it for fear of offending some protected class of people.

Only thing are not going to be protected - not by the PO-LEESE, not by the LYING SCUMBAG POLITICIANS WHO HAVE THEIR OWN SECURITY THAT YOU ARE PAYING FOR, and because you have been such a high-minded fool for so long, not by that gun you are going to suddenly understand you really, really need - and oh, I get it - notsodumbafterall to put that little 2nd amendment in that "outdated" old doc some guys in wigs wrote over 200 years ago. Too bad you listened to hairy old Hillary, and particularly putrid Pelosi, not to mention barf-bag benefiting Boxer.

Bang, Bang and you're still alive - absent that, try routing the rampaging rapscallions with a rant on your rights.

Have a nice day.


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Fash Boulevard said...

love this. thanks for another amazing post love. please swing by to see pics of my latest celebrity trend report and my new favorite wedges. xoxo