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Monday, June 06, 2011

The Media's Evil Agenda - Unfaithful Wives Should Be Put To Death

Here it goes. The following letter was printed in the Visalia Times Delta, a newspaper here in California.

You need to ask yourself why this newspaper is printing this letter. Given that the author of the letter is a Muslim, it should be no surprise that he feels this way, the surprise is that an American newspaper thought a letter advocating putting women to death for not being faithful to their husbands is something they should print.

This is the first such letter I have seen. There will be many more such letters, opinions, etc being voiced. Are we really going to have to defend our very lives from these scumbags in the name of political correctness and tolerance?

Your media and your politicians are working against you. We are being set up for a power grab. I don't know by whom, but that is what is going on. Wake up.


You can read more about this here:

PS. I mentioned sometime back that the GLBT lobby was being used as a pawn by the derailers. If you are a member of that group you need to ask yourself seriously the question: If it becomes acceptable to debate stoning women, will it also become acceptable to debate whether to follow the Koran on the topic of homosexuality? And then what? I don't think Allah likes GLBTs very much.

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