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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tracy Morgan - Honesty And Equality At Last

Just a quick comment on the current witch hunt occurring against Tracy Morgan and his comments on things homosexual.

I do not believe homosexuality is a choice. It seems to me some people are just born that way, although it does seem to occur in various degrees, meaning some people are more gay than others and for some it really does boil down to choice or circumstance.

That said, I believe that most normal people, and I do mean normal because our existence as a species depends on that norm, have a built in, innate, necessary, healthy aversion towards homosexuality. We are born this way, and no amount of political correctness or Hollywood witch hunting is going to change this. Perhaps if we had the lifespans of fruit flies and our genes were more susceptible to the whims of social change, such witch hunts might have those effects, but we don't so they won't.

For society to function, the normal must dominate. This means, given the majority's innate aversion to homosexuality and other more twisted conditions - (any letters beyond GLB in the alphabet soup of deviant sexual designations) homosexuality must be suppressed. I make a distinction between the condition and the person. I do not mean homosexuals, the people, should be suppressed or harmed in any way, I mean their expression of the deviant aspects of their sexuality must be suppressed. Like staying in the closet is the best for society, or being out of the closet but presenting oneself to society as person, not homosexual.

The current situation of repressing the normal majority and their healthy expression of their natural aversion to homosexuality is going to spell real peril and calamity for the alphabet soup community. You must realize that this cannot continue forever, and what is really occurring is an unseen, unspoken malice is building and simmering just below the surface of the observable, and this is going to lead to an explosion of backlash that will make the 1950s seem downright tolerant.

Persecuting Tracy Morgan is just downright foolish, although it does somewhat imply that Blacks have achieved the unenviable equality of whites of no longer being able to speak ones mind without fear of devastating repercussions from the royal court of politically correct opinion.

Welcome to the club, Tracy.



Deb Van said...

We all have to remember, it's the 21st century. Hopefully we as a species have evolved intellectually. Tolerance is what is needed.

Retro Housewife said...

Evolving and repressing are not the same thing. Witch hunts punish, spread fear of speaking one's mind and silence what needs to be spoken and addressed through a give and take. What is being done to Tracy Morgan is a witch hunt. He has a right to his feelings, and if he is like me, the anger he is expressing is really, to a large extent, anger at the censorship politically correct crowd for forcing something on the public that they do not want.