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Monday, June 13, 2011

Upsetting Someone From Tennessee Could Land You In The Slammer

Be careful about sending emails containing any pictures other than cute puppies to anyone in Tennessee - If you upset a citizen from Tennessee, you could be put in the pokey, get sent up the river - land in the slammer. The state wants to lead the nation in the march to becoming the kinder, gentler fascist police state. Be sure and smile purty for the camera when they take your mugshot - you wouldn't want to distress anyone who might view your photo in a line-up and get you slapped with another count of offensive picturing.

On second thought, be careful not to send any cute puppy pictures to a cat person... that is probably at least good for a hefty fine.


1 comment:

Deb Van said...

Glad I live in NC.....hope that's not too close!