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Saturday, July 16, 2011

On Eliminating 25 Million Americans, And By Eliminate I Mean Kill - Friends Of Obama The Media Forgot To Mention

Bill Ayers, the guy who wanted to eliminate 25 million Americans, was given a professorship at the University of Chicago. His scumbag, cockroach of a wife, Bernadine Dohrn is currently a professor at Northwestern University. These are people who sat around contemplating mass murder of people who could not be "re-educated" in the re-education camps they planned in the Southwest. This is the kind of filth we have teaching at our Universities and Colleges. Would be Hitlers and Stalins, just incompetent. And they are incompetent, make no mistake about that, they know how to criticize, complain and destroy, but could not build a dog house if their lives depended on it.

This is what passes for intellectual now in this country, and it has been re-branded as "Progressive". With people like these infesting our elite learning institutions, is it any wonder that the country is going to Hell in a hand basket? These are the people preaching "Tolerance" or else they'll put you on the list for destruction.

They are counting on the fact that you will pooh-pooh this as fear mongering. But before you do, remember that these people are also running the country. They are just waiting for the opportunity of a large enough crisis, because then you won't object too violently to the imposition of martial law - as it will be for "your protection". Like they tell you the feel-up at the airport is for your protection. It is not. It is to demoralize and degrade you into submission. Little by little, a bit at a time, just like living with an abusive husband, wife, parent... no matter how bad it gets, you doubt yourself, not the situation.

Arm yourselves, America. This is going to get far worse and there is no longer any guarantee that it will actually get better.


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