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Thursday, July 14, 2011

On Moody's, Standard & Poor's And Debt Ratings

I simply cannot wait to hear what the clowns at the "ratings agencies" have to say about US Treasuries. It is very important that we all listen very carefully and then run around screaming our little heads off and flogging ourselves wildly if Moody's and Standard & Poor's downgrades US debt.

Then we will be quite sure that we are the biggest idiots on the planet for still giving the time of day to these Ponzi-scheme Peters. This should help the economy, since the claim is "uncertainty" is hurting the recovery. By helping provide certainty, which we will be doing, we might very well wake up in the morning and discover the streets have been paved with gold and all of our wishes come true at a blink of an eye.

No matter how badly people screw up, don't get the wild idea that they should be replaced, and if they lie to you, cheat and rob you, continue to do whatever they ask and continue to believe what they say. Hang on every utterance and news release from the experts as if your very life dependent on it, because lord knows, they will have surely learned their lessons this time and will not do it again.

Track records mean nothing, reputations are for ninnies, experience gives your wrinkles and exhaling kills polar bears. Those are rules to live by folks!


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