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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Sharia Creep In Canada - Muslim Lunchtime Prayer Session In Cafeteria, Girls At The Back Of The Bus

How this works: Islam will be imposed in baby steps, with each step being "no big deal". Once the general population has become accustomed to the last assault on their own culture, the next one will begin. This will continue until Sharia law is the de facto law of the land, and it will be "just a formality' to enshrine it into the official law.

The school in Canada allows an Imam to show up at lunchtime, and hold prayer sessions in the school cafeteria. Girls must sit behind boys. Where are the feminists? The loud, shrill cackling of militant female voices decrying the subjugation of girls is strangely absent. Equal rights for women is not a universal right, but one granted to women at the discretion of men and their chosen culture?

If we do not fight this every step of the way, nip it in the bud, we are going to be in big trouble. No society can be everything to everyone. You either take a stand, or you lose.


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