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Monday, July 18, 2011

Social Justice With Blinders On - Until The Bulldozers Get There

You can't want what you don't see. I suppose that was the justification for "Aktion Ungeziefer" or "Operation Vermin" or maybe they were afraid the villagers would constantly try to escape their little dose of social justice, by running off to West Germany. Whatever the reason, the East Germans decided that a number of little villages were too close to the border of the less enlightened West Germans, so over a period of about 20 years, the citizens of the villages were driven out and the villages themselves were leveled.

One of these villages was founded in the 1300s. Imagine what the village of Stresow had survived in the 600 years before it made the acquaintance of the enlightened social justice pushers. This is all that remains now of that little village:
A memorial to the village of Stresow, destroyed by the communists so that they could be sure the former residents would not be too close to rich, fun, much nicer with lots to do and see and eat and buy West Germany.

Reminds me somewhat of the behavior of another enlightened bunch, the Taliban, who blew up some 3000 year old Buddhist statues because... well they are just that smart I guess.

Just in case you went for a walk in the woods and managed to get lost, the social justice pushers had a plan to help you. In fact, that was one of their biggest concerns, it literally kept them up at night; they were consumed with the fear that their darling fellow citizens would go for a walk in the woods and get lost. So they came up with a system to protect them:

They built little Rapunzel towers every mile or so across the entire DDR and put a few soldiers in each of them so they could help you find your way back to the world of social justice. Generally, people quickly regained their sense of direction once they came across a Rapunzel tower such as the one above in the picture. If not, the soldiers in the tower were happy to help you out by shooting you dead as a door nail. Then you never had to worry about getting lost in the forest again.

The End.

Nighty Nite.


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