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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

California Sit Down And Quack - Like a Good Little Duck

I hope everyone is paying attention to the violence in London. We will soon have similar here. Similar, but much worse. The UK doesn't have violent Mexican gangs in every city, the way we do here. Excuse me, Violent, ARMED TO THE TEETH Mexican gangs with a penchant for beheading or skinning alive or whatever else they can think up.

There will soon come a point when there is no more arguing over illegal immigration, since the effects of allowing millions of hostile foreigners to sneak into the country will soon be evident. It will give a new meaning to the term "bleeding heart liberal".

On the bright side, Americans are about to get a first hand lesson on the 2nd Amendment, and why our founding fathers put the right to bear arms into the Constitution - So very high upon the list even - at #2.

I think their reasoning went something like this: "The pen is mightier than the sword, but just in case you run out of ink, keep a healthy stock of bullets."

Yup. Turns out actions do have consequences, and not everybody is a winner.

Have a nice day.


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