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Monday, August 29, 2011

California's Brilliant Global Warming Final Solutions Act - Puts The State In Competition With Michigan - For Last Place

Governor Brown attended the Illinois School Of Forcing People To Live Within What He is Willing To Let-You-Keep-Type Means - The Very Jerry Way Of Life Has The Entire Population  Of California Sitting On A Cushion And Chanting OOOOHHHHHMMMM - only taking a break when the butler comes to serve a lunch of politically correct du Jour - oh wait, that's for him - we get to eat the cushion.

In 2009, California had 12,529 new business establishments and in 2010, it lost a net 4,632 establishments. Only Michigan was worst, losing 5,480. (The list includes Washington D.C., which ranks 13th in new-business creation.) In all, 29 states had a net decline in startups in 2010. EMSI singles out California in its report: “California’s economic woes and instability have been well-documented, and this data make another case for how bad things have gotten there. California had the most net new business establishments in 2009 (more than 12,500) and 2008 (32,000+); in fact, it ranked either first or second from 2001 to 2009.”
My Analysis of the California Situation:, der die der...duhhhhhhh, I from California, der duh der die der.....Butterfly pretttttyyyy...

I mean look at this picture! Do you see why I am starting to believe in conspiracies? Like there is some sort of scheme to collapse the US and usher in the New World Order? Nobody can be so incredibly stupid, moronic, borderline retarded to raise taxes on a place that looks like this. Maybe there is one guy who is that dumb who has managed to weasel his way into government, but he spends most of his time bumping into the same pillar, and thus has very little time to raise taxes. It MUST be a conspiracy. Anyway, we have our own such conspiracy here in California, plus it seems, a governor who feels that the people of California have done him some unpardonable wrong, and now he is back, like the Joker, or Dr. Evil to exact his revenge...bwaa haaa haaa haaa (evil very Jerry laugh) to make us suffer under long since disproven public policy and bad corduroy. Oh The Horror. Why Jerry Why? I was just a kid when you were last governor - why must you ruin what used to be a perfectly nice place to live?
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