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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Europe's Youth Wisen Up - And Get Pissed Off

In this age group, unemployment is running 40 - 50%. Young adults are forced to live with their parents. All the resources are being consumed by the big, fat welfare state, absurd immigration and environmental policies, put in place by their faux-moralled, navel-contemplating parents. Which produces Sans emploi...keine hay trabajo...No posti di lavoro. They took their Jobs!

Steht auf, wenn ihr eine Zukunft wollt - Stand Up, If You Want A Future


Das Gefühl, bluten zu müssen für die jahrzehntelange Überschuldung ihres jeweiligen Landes und selbst nie mehr in den Genuss des Sozialstaates zu kommen, der der Elterngeneration ein angenehmes Leben bescherte, gibt den Protesten einen großen Teil seiner Wucht. - The sense that they are made to bleed for the decade-long deficit spending of their own respective countries while they themselves will never enjoy the benefits of the welfare state, which gave their parents' generation a comfortable life, is what, to a large extent, is fueling the rage of the protesters. SZ 14.08.2011, 13:43

They have them too...Les Boomers-Baby


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