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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Gone Solar

Despite what I have written in previous entries about the stupidity of California's environmental lunatics, I happen to be a fan of solar energy, and I think being less dependent on oil is a good thing. I just don't believe in burning my bridges before I cross them, or at all really. However, they are handing out free money at your local power utility, I got $10,000 towards my new solar system, so my out of pocket expense will be $8,300. Plus, they tell me I will get a $2,000 tax CREDIT, which the government cannot afford (see previous entries as to why).

All this will have the effect of substantially reducing my future electric bills, and possibly even earning me some money. This is going to look like pure genius when you see what will happen to your energy bills to pay for all of this. So, thanks for that - I sure didn't vote for this, but since you did, I might as well profit from it. I am going to toss the gas heating and gas stove, too - mostly to get Southwest Gas off my back.

Happy Heating!

Thanks for the free cash!


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