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Friday, August 12, 2011

My Take On The Republican Candidates - Based On The Debates

  1. Hunstman - I really liked him in "Fargo", but I think he is doing too much speed.
  2. Senator "Howdy Doody" Santorum - Tra la la boom de ay
  3. Cain - Nice poetry reference
  4. Paul - Damn straight, well said, speaks the truth, hate his immigration views.
  5. Romney - I hate this guy. Really, really detest him. Fake, Phony - he is the stooge candidate - the one the media will hype and if elected, will carry on the same old crap as Bush, Obama and their puppeteer.
  6. Bachman - Pretty. Is actually a good thing that doesn't have a lot of "successes" - that's what "less government" looks like.
  7. Pawlenty - I have the urge to beat him up, and he looks vaguely like a bug. Has no clue. He is the one who chastised Bachman for her record and lack of "successes". As a Californian, currently trying to survive our state legislators 750 "successes" of 2010, and a fan of incandescent light bulbs!! it appears to me that their "successes" are the bane of my existence. More California "Successes"
  8. Newt - Hmm. He knows something, and says something besides "I love America" - I love America too, but this time around, we need skill, knowledge and competence. This guy is a possible for me. My best friend tells me he is also the stooge candidate and might be paired with the other stooge candidate.
  9. Sarah Palin - While not present, and apparently not running, I would like to point out that despite the ridicule heaped on her by the media and the left, the state of Alaska is not broke. She fought corruption in her own party, challenged the corrupt status quo - and won and she looked good doing it. Did I mention that the state of Alaska is NOT BROKE?
Factoids: 16% of employed Angelinos work for the government. That means, 6.25 private employees are carrying (paying for) one government job. 18,000 of those government jobs pay more than $100,000 - and will continue to do so even after they retire. LA will soon be inhabited by government workers and illegal aliens only. It is a horrid place.

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