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Monday, August 15, 2011

Politicians Who Care About Black Americans Turn Out To Show Their Support

I attended this conference, so I can verify that not one local "representative of the people" turned out to discuss the catastrophic unemployment which plagues black Americans in Southern California which is partly due to the worsening economy in California but not insignificantly a result of Hispanic racism against blacks.

This is what the people of color coalition looks like when Blacks are suffering.

Memin Pinguin
Memin Pinguin
This should give you something to think about if you happen to belong to one of the other little separatist "communities" which the Progressive Left loves to exploit. In reality, it is all about power and they do not give a rat's ass about you. They are a fraud.


Some Examples Of Hispanic Racism Against Blacks

  1. discusses the threats made against (Real) Civil Rights Activist (and my friend) Ted Hayes - and the non-reaction by the (In) Justice Department. Here is a link to the sickening video, which demonstrates what real racism actually looks like. There is no dialog, just a Spanish language shouting song, which I do not understand but for a few words, and I have a strong suspicion it is not very nice. So, the next time you try to discuss something, and somebody calls you a racist to try and shut you up, direct them to this video, so they may learn the difference between real racism, which is stupid and evil, and legitimate discussions, including those involving race.

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