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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rick Perry Is Pro Illegal Alien Invasion - He Might As Well Be A Soviet

Once upon a time in America, the Democratic party would be the party Americans could turn to for help in protecting American jobs from imported cheap foreign labor. Now, the Democrats are busy trying to destroy America and bring about global rule to satisfy their lust for power. Rick Perry, is an old-fashioned business and profit oriented Republican. There would be nothing wrong with that if there were a party to represent the American middle class, and the American poor. Instead, what happens is business imports cheap labor by the millions, and the democrats form the receiving line to hand out every tax-payer funded benefit they can come up with.

As a result, Americans watch their wages drop, their taxes increase, and whatever government benefits they might have enjoyed squandered on the invaders. The invaders from third world countries bring diseases, socially backward customs and a violent criminal element which is rotting this country from the inside out.

The California public education system has been completely destroyed - those who run it spend most of their time catering to the invaders - a disinterested, non-English speaking majority in many areas of California. Meanwhile, every single Democrat in the California state legislature voted to hand over taxpayer funded scholarships to foreign nationals - which means there will be American citizens who will now get nothing.

Any politician who puts the interests of foreigners ahead of American citizens is a traitor and should be charged with treason. Any politician who wants to reward illegal behavior is not a patriotic American, because a patriotic American respects the rule of law as set forth in the Constitution, and said law is supposed to apply to everyone, equally. It doesn't matter if you can make more money by breaking the law and it doesn't matter if you can get more votes by breaking the law, by doing so, you make yourself a traitor to this country and are guilty of treason.

The penalty for treason can be death, and it is starting to look like that might be warranted  - as our entire government is falling over themselves to do everything for foreigners at the expense of the citizens. This isn't about whether or not you like Mexicans, it is about upholding the principles of democracy, fairness and the preservation of civilized, orderly society.

Lying, cheating and stealing is not the American way, and Rick Perry admits to all of those himself in the video above. Patriot, my ass.


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