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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Securing Our Communities - On The Southern Front

Nobody knows the true cost of illegal immigration better than the Shaw family of Los Angeles, whose bright, athletic, young son Jamiel was murdered in 2008 by an illegal alien gangster. The gangster had been just freshly released from prison the night before and just 24 hours later he chose to murder a black person. Not a black gang member, just any old black person would do - a strange phenomenon that occurs with regularity in Southern California, and also has the curious side effect of causing rapid blood coagulation in bleeding heart liberals. Nobody seems to care much about the fact that the Mexican invaders have an affinity for murdering black Americans. (They have the same in store for "whites", but the time is not yet ripe for that. That is not a commentary on all Mexicans, just a particularly nasty strain of reconquistas who are intent on implementing their plan of re-taking the fictitious Aztlan, (nothing to do with the Chronicles of Narnia))
His future was bright, now it is gone.

So when the forces of evil planned on descending on the Federal building in Los Angeles - to protest the "Secure Communities Act", a handful of patriotic Americans took time out of their busy schedules and got there first. Althea Shaw gave me permission to re-publish her account of their successful counter-demonstration, which is below. Remember that name: Althea Shaw - she is the aunt of the murdered Jamiel, and she is out on the front lines fighting for nothing more than law and order, insisting on right instead of wrong. Something she should not have to do, and would not have to do if every other Californian would live up to their obligation as a citizen of California and the USA. And if we somehow manage to peacefully hang on to California, you have people like Althea to thank - she is out there standing up for you, even if you are too stupid to realize it yet.

Althea Shaw's report:

Thank you to all who came out yesterday to Support the Secure Communities Rally in front of the Federal Building!! 

Special thank you to Barbara Coe and her group, Robin Hvidston and Kinya and her family!!  The Rally Supporting Secure Communities was a total success! 

Because our group arrived before the opposition, the Police Officers allowed us to have the area directly in front of the Federal Building.  In addition, we were directly in front of the media cameras.  Which they clearly were not happy with and hesitant to interview us!  

When the illegal aliens who oppose the  Secure Communities program finally arrived, they were forced to find another area down the street.  They were so mad they were not allowed to protest in front of the Federal building!  

This resulted in the media moving to follow the illegal's and the illegal's deciding to block the entrance to the Federal building, making it impossible for ICE buses to come in or go out.  Needless to say, some of the illegal aliens were arrested for this.

The media covering the rally yesterday and the illegal aliens in opposition to Secure Communities Program, were clearly not happy with Americans showing up.  There were a few times when the Police Officers had to keep our groups separated.  

The media and the illegal aliens had a look of, "who do you Americans think you are standing up for America?!  If I didn't see it with my own eyes, I would of thought we were the illegal aliens.   

Thank you again to ALL who took time out of their schedule to stand up for the Secure Communities Program in America!!  We look forward to the next rally.   

Pictures coming soon!

Althea Shaw,
Jamiel Shaw's Angry Aunt

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