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Thursday, September 01, 2011

California AB 131 - The Dream Act Lies

The media is now widely reporting that this bill has been changed so that monies are only handed out if there is anything left over after California residents receive their grants. They do NOT mention this paragraph:
76300.5.  (a) A district shall waive the fees of a student who is
exempt from paying nonresident tuition under Section 68130.5, and who
otherwise qualifies for a waiver under Section 76300, under
regulations and procedures adopted by the board of governors. The
Legislature finds and declares that this section is a state law
within the meaning of Section 1621(d) of Title 8 of the United States
Code. Source
 In other words, their tuition will simply be waived. There are, however, real costs associated with attending college, otherwise I suppose it would be free for all. So, if illegal aliens are now paying nothing for tuition, and I can guarantee you that most will qualify for the waiver, somebody is going to have to pick up the tab. As more and more illegal aliens apply for college, there is nothing to stop the colleges and universities to just accept illegal aliens over residents. There is nothing to protect residents in the admissions process since the current situation is that there are some qualified resident applicants who are denied admission and illegal aliens are accepted.

Wake up people. This is a coup and you don't even recognize it.


Follow Up: John & Ken were just talking about how these kinds of laws affect middle class families, those making $48 - $75K per year. They make too much to qualify for any sort of grant, but not really enough to afford the college education at one of our state schools. On the other hand, an illegal alien with just the minimum qualifications can be admitted and will qualify for the money. Of course, to be able to pay for this, tuition and fees go up, as we have just witnessed this year. The bureaucrats in charge sure won't take a pay cut, or cut a few of those excess jobs or stupid majors. Also, it appears that there is collusion among the college and university staff - advise the illegals on how to circumvent the laws and get their hands on the money.

Furthermore, the black caucus will not stand up and denounce this either, despite the fact that black children are going to be hurt as much if not more than whites. WHAT THE HECK IS THE MATTER WITH YOU, California Legislative Black Caucus - Senator Curren Price - You call yourself a leader? Why is there a Black Caucus if you don't even stick up for black people? MIKE DAVIS - What is the matter with you? I sat in your office and listened to Jamiel Shaw tell you about his murdered son. Get off your duff an REALLY represent your people - Americans. You know darn well that whites are not your enemy, the Hispanic Caucus is. You know they are racist, you know that they say nothing when blacks are murdered by Hispanics in Los Angeles, You know that there is an organized effort to chase blacks out of Los Angeles. If I KNOW THAT, YOU DARN WELL KNOW IT TOO.


These organisations are lobbying this heinous law.


Anonymous said...

Insane! This is insanity!!

JamielShawsAunt said...

One thing for sure, whatever changes the Democratic controlled Assembly made, were changes that will help the illegal aliens even MORE! This we can bank on!!