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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Dancing With Chaz

I will not be watching Dancing With The Stars because I do not have a TV in the house. As for the whole hoop-la surrounding Chaz Bono dancing on that show, since everybody seems to want to talk about it, I would say you have bigger things to worry about than that. We have yet another case of money over matter, and TV execs showing they have no qualms about exploiting misfortune.

In the old days, one's love life and personal issues were personal and private. In the case of Chastity/Chaz, he had a darn good point when he said "I don't get to have a private life", and ain't that just the truth. I am not going to insult him, or tell him not to dance - that is just really none of my business. In fact, I hope he has a good time and finds some peace in his new life. It weirds me out a little, but it isn't going to kill me and I am really, really glad that is not something I have to deal with. For me, it is far more important whether the person in question is a good person or not, or belongs to the liars, thieves and whores category like 95% of our stinking politicians.

Speaking of which, the second you start pushing this "issue" on children, for example as they are doing in Oakland, California, you just took it from a difficult personal issue and made it my business, and here I have neither tolerance nor understanding because it absolutely is not an issue I want some half-baked activist discussing with my kids. Ask Brandon and Larry how that works out for the kids involved. Brandon was just on trial for killing Larry. The prosecution made up some absurd "White Supremacist" story to cover up the lesbian vice principals activism and her role in Larry's death by encouraging Larry to "express himself" by arriving at school dressed as a woman.

In Junior High.

Whether or not one is homosexual is not an issue I would ever want to involve the entire student body of a junior high school in. The lesbian principal did not have this boy's well-being in mind, she was pushing her own agenda and now he is dead.

Finally, If you are going to present yourself to society as a lesbian or gay, do not be surprised if you make people want to barf. Anybody who insists on making me think about who they like to have sex with, is most likely going to make me want to barf. I do not go around picturing people and their sex lives, and if it is forced upon me, barf, barf, barf.


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