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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The End of Growth - NOT - Here Come The Agenda 21 Pushers

Richard Heinberg is either the biggest idiot on the planet, or part of the Agenda 21 Gang who want us all to be subsistence farmers living in high rises (I've seen plenty in the old Soviet bloc, and they are horrid.) His little pea brain can't imagine how the economy can grow anymore. He is wrong. He has the same mentality as the guy working at the patent office in the early 1900s who was ready to close down the office, because everything that could be invented, had already been invented.

Richard Heinberg thinks you consume too much. He thinks you are too stupid to manage your own life, and he wants to assign you a cubby-hole in a monstrous concrete apartment building, and your very own row of cabbage to tend. That will be your life, and you will be content, he says. Other people around the world make do with far less and are perfectly happy. If it is good enough for them, it is good enough for you.

Richard Heinberg writes books on things like peak oil, but as he says himself, he is not a geologist, he is a writer. The oil companies are evil and do not agree with Richard Heinberg, which is further proof that you should not drive a car. He is espousing an entire economic system, based on what? I don't know and neither does he.

This is a guy who has learned to spout off a series of generalities and present it as a theory or a worldview. But it is nonsense. He just argued that we should stop using oil because "What if our children and Grandchildren find something else to do with oil besides burn it? They won't be able to, because it will be all hooo hooo hooo". (I guess they will have to find some other substance for face paint.)

When I was in 6th grade, they were singing the same song. Oil will be all gone in 20 years. That was 1977.

These people are dangerous. These are the people that will cause billions of people to starve to death "for their own good". They have no idea how the world really works, and they lie lie lie. Chase these idiots to the ends of the earth as fast as you can. 

All of the problems we are having in our economy at the moment are self-inflicted. The one resource available in unlimited abundance is stupidity, and at each stage of this crisis, stupidity has prevailed - to the extent that I have to wonder whether it wasn't intentional.

Richard Heinberg is an expert in nothing, except for regurgitating propaganda so it sounds reasonable to a layman. In other words, he is a con artist. Don't fall for it.


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