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Friday, September 16, 2011

German News & Reporting Of Interest

Both from The Sueddeutsche Zeitung
  1. The head of the German liberal party and Economics Minister (not to be confused with US big government liberals), Philipp Rösler has been making statements supporting an orderly insolvency for Greece. His party, the FDP, had been suffering in the polls until this change of heart - then jumped up to 5% in the polls. Notable about Philipp Rösler is his relative youth, and his radical tendency to voice outlandish opinions such as "Du darfst alles sagen was du denkst, wenn du denkst" which translates to "You may say what you think, when you think" - It gets worse! He claimed that he had no obligations specifically to financial markets, his obligation was to the people of Germany. Can you imagine an American politician saying something like that? (The FDP has always been my favorite German Party - They are proponents of free markets, and there is no knitting requirement to join.)
  2. Israeli Embassy besieged by protesters in Jordan. The usual double row of police with riot gear are holding off a modest-sized group of Jordanian protesters demanding that Jordan sever diplomatic ties with Israel. As you may or may not know, Jordan and Egypt are the only two countries in the Middle East which recognize Israel. Given the violence in front of the Israeli Embassy previously this month in Egypt, it seems to me that Israel is slowly coming under attack. I personally do not buy the notion of the "Arab Spring", I think the protests and tossing of established governments built momentum on hungry bellies and are being manipulated by Sharia Shovers (SS) who will inevitably set their sights on Israel. So it appears we may have a rough screenplay for a sequel in the works, with the working title Holocaust II. This is what happens when diplomacy is policy for one party, while the other party cannot believe his luck at facing such an easily appeased opponent.

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BONUS - Pravda Articles Of The Day: North Dakota's economic 'miracle' - it's not oil - What they don't tell you about Libya Warning: Pravda reporting, like LA and NY Times reporting, should be taken with a grain of salt - beware of their dastardly agenda. With this in mind, enjoy.

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