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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Useful Idiots - Some More Useful Than Others

Now we are beginning to see the dissolution of the useful idiots, especially those who are no longer so useful. Useful idiot is not my term, it's how the leftist elites describe the various people and groups they manipulate to do their dirty work.

I wonder how the Jews in Hollywood are feeling about now. Don't bother calling me antisemitic for acknowledging the obvious; that there are many Jews in Hollywood. For years you have colored your movies and TV shows in shades of Left, and now, in case you haven't noticed, they are turning on you. Sure, for now it is "just Israel" that is coming under attack. Everybody knows what good Democrats Jewish Americans are. Jewish Americans will tell you themselves. They would never turn on such good Democrats, it can't happen here, not in America!?
(In case you haven't noticed, you are actually dealing with the "Progressive" - which is anything but democratic. The Progressive is, and I know this sounds absurd, the re-branded Marxist! But, but, everybody knows that didn't work!!!  WRONG!) 

But, it has to be somewhat unnerving to see how "public sentiment" in the world is sounding a bit more hostile towards Israel these days. Then there is that internet video I happened to see, which, surprise, surprise, is blaming the whole banking crisis on the "Red Shield", huh? Ooops that's translated - the original would be "Rot Schild" which, of course is really "Rothschild". TADA! If you are Jewish that should send a chill down your spine. If you are not Jewish and have a clue, ditto.

In case you think you are imagining it, let me be quite clear. You are not. I grew up listening to stories of life in Germany during the War, as well as those of how the Soviets took over Eastern Europe. They don't have any new ideas, the rhetoric is still the same, updated and modernized, of course, but the story hasn't changed.

We have a textbook destabilization of the western world playing out right under our noses. Jews are becoming the scapegoat. I guess Jews are more of a hindrance now than a help. (With a few notable exceptions, of course, but cough Trotsky, cough,we know a bit about what happens to even the higher-ups eventually.)

God, are we dumb.
Los Angeles Occupy Wall Street - Can't we just use a little common sense, identify the actual culprits, then use our justice system to determine who is actually guilty of a crime? We should take a look at the Fed, but we can do that without involving an entire race of people. I don't get the squid reference, anyway and I am offended by the word spigot. There is no law that says we have to behave like barbarians, we can choose to deal with this in a civilized fashion.

These wonderful, good-hearted Progressives would rather tolerate black Americans being shot in the streets of Los Angeles by oddly racist Mexican gangs, than do something to stop it and risk upsetting the facade of the happy, fuzzy, "People Of Color Coalition" lie. Personally, that would bug me, if I had to run around worrying that somebody was going to shoot me because of my skin color. I know many black people who are not at all happy about it, but their plight is ignored even by "black leaders". Gotta tell you, brains are in the head, not the skin. Heart, likewise, despite reports of it being worn on a sleeve, quite independent of skin color. If you vote for skin, you will be ruled by skin. Skin - dumb. Vote head and heart. You can't tell about these things by looking at a person. Really.

Coppers, Specifically those in the NYPD

First, not enough room at the 911 memorial - despite all of that empty space... Now, that elite stirred Cauldron getting ready to boil over on Wall Street. Union organized, but guess who's gonna play the bad guys. Oink, Oink. Bring back any memories?

The ends justifies the means. Even if the means means millions die. Ask China. Ask Russia. Ask North Korea - I think they have a phone now, give them a call.

Peace, Land, Bread - sounds so warm and fuzzy.


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