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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Free Agent Jesus Diaz

Folks, we cannot let this happen. Jesus Diaz is an AMERICAN border patrol agent who was just thrown in jail for doing his job. If we say nothing about this abuse of power, this will soon be the policeman doing his job, the fireman doing his job, the volunteer handing out food to the hungry.

The only reason this man is in jail is because they want to scare our heroic border patrol agents into not doing their job. The Mexican government is behind this - Agent Diaz had the nerve to interrupt a drug smuggler carrying drugs into the US.

Agent Jesus Diaz is bearing the costs of our complacency. This man is having his life destroyed because of you, and me and everyone else who does nothing to free him.

Help him. Please, help him.


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cam said...

Hold on a minute. Did I read this correctly. This officer got two years in jail, TWO JAIL for pulling on a drug smugglers handcuffs?? I must have read this wrong. Can this really be happening? The link at the bottom of your post has a place to sign a petition as well as links to send a message/support to this family. I suggest we all use it.
Lord help us when our police cant even do their job.
Texas housewife