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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Memo To Occupy Wall Street

Dear Occupy Wall Street Protesters:

Please consider the following points as you continue to occupy cities, towns and hamlets across our fair land.

  1. You are what is commonly known as "Useful Idiots" in Marxist parlance. You are being used to achieve somebody Else's goal, which is a collapse of the system. Don't expect to enjoy this much, because system collapses involve very bad things, which are generally considered to be No Fun At All.
  2. Some of your fellow protesters are being paid to be there. Is that fair? I think not. You are participating in a protest full of Haves and Have Nots. All of you should demand from the SEIU YOUR FAIR SHARE. Add up all the hours you have been there, and demand they pay you. Do not forget to include back pay, overtime pay, double time, triple time, holiday pay, walking time pay, jail time pay, reimbursement for expenses, contribution to your pensions and full health care benefits (protesting is a full time job!!). The SEIU is loaded! They can afford it! They have billions just sitting around - why should you work for them for FREE?
  3. Some of you think you are recreating the 1960s, and like, how cool is that? There are a few little differences you should keep in mind, however. In the 1960s, there were adults running the government and the dastardly corporations. These adults were capable, honest people for the most part. They could afford to indulge their spoiled brat children with their national tantrum and still ensure that food was delivered to the grocery stores, paychecks were in the mail and hospitals and other vital systems remained open for business. Today, those spoiled brat children are running things, and they have no idea how to keep things running so their solution is to collapse the system, which, as I pointed out in 1. is really No Fun At All.
  4. There are Very Valid Reasons to be angry, for a fraud has been committed upon the American people, but you are not even protesting against any of the guilty parties! Goldman Sachs was the prime beneficiary of this fraud, as was AIG. The politicians in Washington are the ones who set the stage for the financial crisis - they looked the other way as FANNIE MAE and FREDDIE MAC took on loans like crazy people. Barney Franks, Chris Dodd did this to America, as well as the ones who got rid of Glass SteagallGramm-Leach-Bliley - The law put in place after the Great Depression to prevent collapses. Being mad at corporations in general is silly, and those corporations are the ones who are putting food on the tables of millions of American families. You want more corporations, not fewer!
  5. President Obama's administration is responsible for prosecuting the bad guys. For him to stand up there and try to garner support because nobody has gone to jail is like a fireman standing in front of a burning building and complaining that nobody is putting out the fire.

Thank you for your time, dear little protesters. Please do try and make sure you protest the ones responsible for our current plight, and not just any old company that happens to be near the restrooms. Also, if this does turn out to be a Marxist revolution, keep in mind that after they take over, a process of "Normalization" comes next. Unfortunately for you, agitators are no longer welcome and you will most likely be killed. Sucks, I know.


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