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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Brand New Way To View Israel

I have been trying to conduct a little informal poll of all the Jewish people I know on whether or not they perceive a threat to Israel or not. It is not going very well, because absolutely not one person got back to me. I must have phrased something in a way that gave me away as some sort of right-wing nutcase, and now all of my former Jewish friends and acquaintances are shaking their heads at the depth of my stupidity.

I did manage to get the mother of a high school friend on the phone, (sneak attack) and as non-chalantly as I could, I posed the question of whether there is an increase in antisemitism (there is, big time and now it is suddenly acceptable - not quite sure why yet), although in retrospect, I think the fact that I hadn't spoken to her in at least 10 years detracted from the casual air I had hoped to project and probably added another nut to my case.

She was not as sympathetic to the plight of Israel as I had hoped, informed me she was not a Zionist, and lamented what Israel is doing to the Palestinians. This is a person who I have known a long time, and whom I know to be intelligent and well educated, so I pondered this for much of the day. It was the one comment she made which kept buzzing in my head. "Israel has got to stop building in occupied territory". That one used to really piss me off, too. It makes it seem as if Israel has no intention of giving it back.

But then it just dawned on me. So what? Why should they? Are we out of our bloody minds? There are people in this world who are actually going to great lengths to convince us that giving more land to the people who seem to excel at nothing but convincing their youngsters that to take a ticking bomb for a walk is a good idea.

Seriously, the absurdity of this notion is infinite. On one side you have civil, cultured society who have proven to be worthy custodians of some of the world's most cherished sites, and the other side you have Chaos plus incessant, rather annoying if you think about it, chanting and calls to Kill All The Jews. And people are actually saying we should turn over strategically important to Israel land because it is "the right thing to do"? In what world? It seems to me that the population of Palestine would be far better off if we gave the rest of it to Israel as well.

Plain and simple: The Israelis behave themselves and are much nicer to people than their nutcase neighbors. They win. If I had to chose to live in one place or the other, the answer is obviously Israel. So, how is it in anyway moral to make more people endure a situation that I wouldn't be willing to endure myself?

It ain't.


Why are we putting up with this?
Just because a certain faction of society fancies themselves worldly sophisticates and likes to show up to work with their lunch pail full of humus and tabouli, does not mean we as a nation have to go looking for trouble by allowing in the mortal enemies of certain segments of our citizenry. Especially when the dumb clucks in charge are always ready, willing and able to douse any sparks of trouble with gasoline. I feel that our leaders have an obligation to consider the welfare of the current citizens and to put our welfare first. They also need to take measures to ensure that our culture does not take a back seat to that of the newly arrived. I do not want cultural diversity in the US, that is what my passport is for. I want American culture. My family gave up languages and cultural traditions when they came here, but they got far more in return - peace and prosperity, for example. That sure beats the heck out of hiding up in the mountains somewhere waiting to shoot Serbs.


Anonymous said...

I've been looking at your recent blog posts and find the simplistic way in which you seem to view serious crises (conflict in the Middle East) and real changes in the world around us (Occupy Wall Street - not everything is a repeat of the Soviet Union) as rather ... worrisome. You said yourself that you felt you came off as a bit of a "nut" and well, you do.

Retro Housewife said...

I am less worried about coming off as a nut than I am about whether I might be right.

I guess I got the whole Marxist bit from seeing all those pictures of SEIU members marching while carrying signs with pictures of Karl Marx, raised fists and the rest of the usual dressing and adornments of the commies.

You know them by their fruits...

Sometimes the simplest explanation is the best one.