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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Reality Check - 1989 East Germany

September 1989 - 70,000 people demonstrate peacefully in Leipzig.  -  Their mantra: "We are the people." Incidentally, they were demonstrating against the actual "social justice" that had been inflicted upon them for the last 30+ years.
The red sign says "Gorbi Gorbi Help us" - the white "Visa-free ? Rostock Shanghai " - probably meaning they would like to travel more freely.

Sign Says: If the (West German Deutsche Mark) DM comes here, we'll stay - if not we will go to it (DM). It rhymes in German - catchy - they are basically saying they are sick of only having East German funny money and little to buy with it and if they do not bring the West German Mark to them, they are going to blow this Popsicle Stand, and move to the West. Which they did.

So, given the evidence of this little experiment in "social justice" - they used that phrase in East Germany et al quite a bit, too...and the miserable failure it was, why are the OWS kiddies screaming for more? The system they are agitating for would have none of their present behavior, the usual reaction of the government they want would be to quickly arrest each and every one of them and lock them up somewhere where they would never be heard from again. Seriously.

Do you really want a system that has to lock people in to prevent them from leaving? Cuz, like, I don't.


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