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Monday, October 31, 2011

Smearing Herman Cain

My husband told me a year or two ago that the female boss at his job has a mouth straight out of the gutter. She drops "F-Bombs" like the Allies over Berlin, and brags about it. Nobody does anything about it, despite how tedious such language can be. Women get away with anything in the workplace these days - from bringing their children to business meetings, to leaving early to pick up children at daycare while demanding the same pay as the others, (both male and female who put in twice as many hours) to overt discrimination and harassing behavior.

Then the poor little hot house flowers have near apoplexy if a male co-worker even looks side-ways at her. Sure there are extreme situations that should not be tolerated, but simply because somebody feels uncomfortable should not be grounds to sue. Women have made enough strides in the workplace regarding acceptance, attitudes and advancements, that is about time they learn to deal with whatever behavior they may face without running off to a lawyer.

Back when I went to an office to work, I encountered my fair share of sexism, and I dealt with it myself if it bothered me. Back in the 1980s and 1990s there was a lot more in the way of sexism than there is now; so get a grip and quit whining.

Regarding the stupid allegations being reported by the stupid media - it occurs to me that I find it much more relevant to know things like candidate Obama has a lengthy history with a known leftist terrorist whom he regards as a mentor than whether or not Herman Cain made an alleged offensive comment.

I had never heard of Bill Ayers until 6 months into the Obama presidency, and if I had known about it, there is no way in Hades I would have voted for the man. In fact, this little omission on the part of the Messed Up Media was a key factor in my own realization about how disgustingly corrupt and biased they are.

I now know that the MSM will dig into every aspect of Herman Cain's background and will lie, twist and half-report anything which can be remotely considered suspect. If this is all they can find, the guy must be a veritable boyscout.


PS - The smoking commercial? I get it... It says - if I want to smoke, I am going to smoke, it is a free country. And to that, may I add...If you have a problem with what I do, what time should I come over to your house to make a list of all the things YOU do wrong? MYOB America.

Bill Ayers and Friends in the 1970s

Bill Ayer's Girlfriend Diana Oughton, rich girl who blew herself up trying to make bombs to blow up a  dance for military boys who were deploying to Vietnam the next day. Nice girl. Luckily, she had far more in the way of opinions than competence. I read that she was Bill Ayer's true love. Which makes his terrorist wife Bernadine Dohrn sloppy seconds. Sucks for her. Lowell Sun - September 17, 1970.
EDITOR'S NOTE: Diana Oughton, rich girl turned revolutionary, became deeply involved in 1969 with the fanatically militant Weathermen who vowed to carry their revolution against society into the streets. Her father recalls that she developed an "intellectual hysteria" and grew even more deeply estranged from her prosperous family. This is the fourth in a series of the life of the young woman -who was killed in the explosion of a "bomb factory" in Greenwich Village.

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Jenn said...

Seriously? Six months into the Obama presidency? It felt to me like so many people were screaming it from the tops of mountains (so complete is my dissociation from the MSM, I suppose). The barrier that has been created between real information and the ears of the people is frightening in it's completeness and complexity. And, yet, there is SO MUCH more information available to us these days. Maybe it has to do with our powers of discernment (compliments of our public education system).