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Friday, October 21, 2011

To Create Or Destroy

As society continues to unravel, you have a decision to make. Some people will spend their time complaining, protesting, deriding and decrying the faults of others. That's what they do, and they are very good at it. Our media is full of these negative Nellies, and they usually come with a pedigree from one ivy league school or another.

I was just over reading the New York Times Op Ed section, where vipers like Maureen Dowd spew venom with such vengeance one wonders what terrible things befell her to turn into such a bitter old hag. She has a very high opinion of herself, as do most of the old blowhards over at the NY Times which is amply demonstrated as they celebrate their literary achievements in snide.

These people are not creators, they do not have that in them. Without the constructs of an affluent society which affords them the luxury of sitting on the sidelines, earning a living by throwing excrement on society's achievers, and producers, they would starve.

Maureen Dowd writes editorial after editorial calling every conservative she can think of stupid. She did an absolutely vicious number on the Mormon religion, painting Mormons as freakish weirdos who spend most of their time undertaking sinister activities. Ostensibly, this attack of hers was somehow a discussion of religion and politics.

It struck me as ironic that Haggatha (aka Maureen Dowd) chose Mormons to slime because my own experience with people of the Mormon faith has led me to regard them as some of the most wholesome, hard-working and principled people around.

If a storm were on the horizon and I was unprepared, I sure hope I happen to be in a Mormon neighborhood instead of Haggatha's.

Now I am listening to Glen Beck's show. Here the overwhelming theme is about serving your fellow human being, reaching out to others, honesty, honor, integrity, hard work and humility. With malice towards none. I have heard him say that at least 50 times in the last several weeks. That was Lincoln's policy after the civil war.

Haggatha's crowd spends an abnormal amount of time ridiculing Glen Beck. That is not surprising, because that is all they can do. Glen Beck is a threat to the Haggathas of the world because he is a do-er, a builder, a creator. Glen Beck has actually created jobs. He employs people. He puts food on people's table. He never went to college, but he is neither ignorant nor stupid and now that we are collectively lost in the forest, I can assure you that it will be the Glen Becks of the world that will lead us out safely.

It will also be the Glen Becks of the world that will organize the rescue party to go back into the forest to retrieve Haggatha and friends who by now are surely starving to death because they insisted on staying behind and screaming at the trees. (Trees are kinda dumb...)

Remember, talk is cheap, and it is far, far easier to destroy than it is to create.

Build something, find the good in people, do for others. That is our only way out of this mess, and that is the American way.

Somali Immigrant Driving Cab + Studying Biology Textbook - wondering what the heck the people in the next photo are up to...

More photos of Occupy Denver,
Americans practicing the fine art of signage and demand making. In an odd coincidence, all appear to have interrupted their regular chores of cleaning out the basement to attend this gathering.

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