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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Go Occupy Menopause Already

I am so sick and tired of this sad, pathetic bunch of losers trying desperately to relive their youth. What a sad, sorry bunch of clueless. Love those Marxist fists and idiotic chants. With so many real, actual villains available committing crimes against the citizens of the world as I write this, this group of rejects decides to crap on cop cars. Nobody wants to be like you idiots - you make people want to grab bug spray.

You make me want to like Goldman Sachs. Go home and shut up already. What a complete, utter waste of time and space. This is not the 1960s, stop trying to send your poor kids out there to protest. They do not know enough to even know who the heck to be mad at. What a disaster. Stop it.


And the Tea Party is not like those rodents. You wind up in the Tea Party when you realize that both parties are corrupt, the media is complicit and you are not stupid enough to be a Marxist - or the latest manifestation thereof - the Communitarian. Ugh.

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