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Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy We Owe More Than We Earn Day!

Hoorrraaayyyy! We did it! Our National Debt Officially surpassed our GDP! Aren't we awesome? The USA has now joined that elite club of nations which has more debt piled up than the country produces in ONE ENTIRE YEAR!

Here is something else - it's kind of funny when you think about it - All of those people arguing about making the rich pay more... "Their Fair Share" - I believe that's what they say... well, we would have to take every penny of every person in this country to pay our debts. Then, everybody will finally be equal! HOOORAY! We will all be equally broke!

Of course, this debt doesn't count the "Off Balance Sheet Liabilities" arising from promises made in the form of Medicare and Social Security which are another $50 or $60 TRILLION we do not have. God I love Baby Boomers! They are SOOOOOOOOOOO competent.


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