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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I Am Voting For Michelle Bachman

My mother loves to read articles out of the LA Times to me over the phone which portray Michelle Bachman as some sort of stupid idiot. My mother has never taken the time to listen to Michelle Bachman speak. I have. Stupid or ignorant are not words I would even consider using to describe Ms. Bachman. Not by a long shot. I am encouraged by the fact that newspapers like the LA Times are working so hard to discredit her; that tells me the powers that be do not want Michelle Bachman in power. Big Plus.

I hear people describe Ms. Bachman as extreme. I think extreme is a function of your current location on the scale. This country is so far gone when compared to the country I grew up in, anybody with morals, character and integrity must seem extreme. I say must, because I can hardly think of anybody in power who does not lie as a matter of protocol. How else is it possible for political consultants to make a living? Why would an honest candidate need one? Don't they know how to determine right from wrong on their own? Are they not able to tell the truth and state their views without somebody telling them what they are first?

One of the most absurd campaigns for office I have seen recently was that of Meg Whitman's for governor of California. This woman lied and lied and lied and expected people to vote for her. Fat chance. I did not vote for her. She probably would have been better than Jerry Brown, but I will not vote for a liar. I do not have to agree with you on everything, but I want somebody with integrity and somebody with the guts to say what they believe, and then do what they say. Slimy sleazebags need not apply.

That's what I think. The liberal crowd will freak out. But the liberal crowd tolerates depravity - there are literally orgies taking place on the streets of San Francisco. I used to live there - it has never been particularly conservative, and even back in the day the city could be somewhat risque. Now it is just way too Fellini for its own good. Given the choice of wearing longer skirts and watching my language, and unfettered descent into depravity, I'll watch my language thank you very much.

Get your priorities straight people. The wrong choice this time, and this country is history.


July 2013 Update - Since this so-called freedom-minded farce voted against the Amash Amendment, I can only say I hope she goes straight to HELL. What a whore.

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