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Friday, November 04, 2011

The Urge To Purge - When History Is Bulemic

Some Iranian guy saw a picture on the wall in a restaurant in Texas and instantly got the wedgie of his life. This kind of stuff makes me want to become a professional offender. I am talented in this respect and it has often chagrined me that I can't think of a way to monetize it. Then I calm down and am nice again. But I cannot stand the perpetually offended. In fact, it makes me long for the days when one could easily get away with beating up the annoying nerdy kids after school. Not that I ever did such a thing. But I want to. The whiners, the tattletales, anybody who was likely to grow up and become one of these meddling, incompetent politicians. A young Janet Napolitano for example.

But that has little to do with the sign in the Katie, Texas restaurant. First of all, you morons, Iran is a country, not a race. And the people beyond the initial complainer don't give a hoot about who is offended, this is about forcing some Texan to do what they want. Yet another technique to subdue the enemy, and we are the enemy. Anybody who kinda likes the USA and wants to keep it, they are the ones who are under attack by the Progressives. May I say it again? Progressives are go-slow communists. I am not exaggerating even one little bit. That is not hyperbole, hysteria or hallucination. That is just what they are. Go do some research.

They want to control history, too. History is their enemy. History contains secrets they do not want you to know. So they come up with one ruse or another to erase history. This time it is history offends. But history is real. History hurts sometimes. People fight, people make up, people do all kinds of things. History has all kinds of fun stuff in it. What the progressives want to hide is the evolution of events which lead to very bad things, because they are to trying to bring about very bad things and they do not want you to notice. Finally, pretending evil does not exist is about the worst way to prevent evil from occurring that I can think of, short of embracing it outright. So, instead of getting offended by everything, do the unthinkable, and think.


ps - jon stewart is a wus.

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