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Friday, December 23, 2011

California Per Pupil Education Spending Lies

Often we hear about how little California spends on K-12 education when compared to other states, such as in this article I found on the Silicon Valley Education foundation's site:
The $8,852 spent per pupil in 2008 – before the full impact of the recession hit California’s schools – was $2,371 below the national average of $11, 223. It will probably be headed lower once 2009 and 2010 figures are out. California is  squeezed between #42 Washington, just ahead of Arizona, and a freefall behind top-spending, low-cost Wyoming’s adjusted figure of $17,114.
 The number cited, $8,852 is from 2008, and the implication is that this number is set to decline in forthcoming years. According to the California Legislative Analyst's Office, however, California spends $11,405 per participant in the K-12 education system (2009-2010), which is well above the oft-cited number and is above the 2008 national average.

California Legislative Analyst Office (LAO) chart of 2009 - 2010 Cost Per Participant for Major Government Programs shows average cost per participant in the K-12 education system as being $11,405.
If we had any sort of worthy news media in this country, they would look into the discrepancy between the number reported which makes California rank near the bottom of the barrel in spending per pupil and the actual number reported by the bean counters. The reason they would look into this discrepancy if they wanted to justify their existence and paychecks, is because the lower number is used to try and wrestle more money out of California taxpayers by appealing to their conscience and feelings of guilt.

It also allows the education establishment to continually churn out poorly educated students with the excuse that it is a funding issue.

Unfortunately, we have no such worthy media, they are as incompetent and corrupt as their cohorts in government. That explains why they fail to report on or play down other items such as insider trading by members of congress, laws passed granting dictatorial powers to the President and setting the stage for martial law, and former Goldman Sachs Chairman and Governor of New Jersey's theft of over $1 Billion in client money (not unlike a hypothetical scenario where Charles Schwab would claim ignorance if you should one day log into your account and find it empty...)

Keep on voting for those higher taxes and patting yourself on the back for socking it to the rich. It is only fair that liars and incompetents get to get rich too.


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