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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Don't Forget To Keep A Few Candles & Some Matches...

So when you are wondering why you are suddenly sitting in the dark you can read up on Agenda 21 and how the traitors among us managed to implement it right under our noses, with our permission even.

You will feel really stupid because you wrote off the people who tried to warn you as crazy conspiracy theorists, and no matter how illogical and contrary to the evidence it might have been, you believed the propaganda put forth by the criminal state run media.

It might also seem like a mistake not to have grabbed a pitch fork and run Very Berry Jerry And Schwarzenegger right out of town, when they stood up and gave a lecture of lies on the virtues of the imaginary green economy and the plethora of jobs therein. Maybe it was opposite day - when Arnold praised the wonders of Green in Germany - since it somewhat coincided with reports that the Germans had shut down their miraculous green wonders - deeming them colossal failures...

Perhaps, with 2020 hindsight, you will ponder whether it was wise to emulate the European model of fabulous Green Jobs such as was tried in Spain - where for every green job created, two other jobs were lost, and that created green job came with a price tag of roughly $500,000 paid for by taxpayers.

Yet, despite the fact that Spain is now on the brink of bankruptcy and collapse, in debt up to its eyeballs and beyond, the US marches proudly down the idiot path, managing to ignore every scrap of evidence and warning from others who preceded us.

On second thought, don't bother with the candle - it appears you are quite content to sit in the dark.


I on the other hand will be using good old fashioned Thomas Edison light bulbs, as many as I can. I am buying more lamps so I can use more light bulbs - just because.

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