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Monday, December 05, 2011

Ideas For Occupiers - John Corzine Criminal Conspirator

Much as I appreciate the odd communist/progressive attempt to incite revolution, I hope that the mess called OWS demonstrated the skill level of the bunch who would like to run and control you. In case any of the participants were not union stooges, rather just normal, fed-up might want to consider staging the biggest public tantrum you can muster against John Corzine, former CEO of Goldman Sachs (odd how many connections to Goldman Sachs keep popping up here and there...told you it should be burned to the ground.) and pervert former Governor of New Jersey.

He just walked off with $1 Billion of his client's money. Like, you know how you have an e-trade or Schwab account? Imagine you log in one day and witness one big goose egg where your retirement used to be. Since this scumbag helped craft the regulations governing what he did, seems he is going to get away with it. With this sort of massive theft occurring with hardly an attempt to conceal it, you must realize that your money is not safe either.

I nominate John Corzine for the focus of the next OWS.


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