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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Tyranny Just Around The Corner

You need to take the following steps ASAP:

  1. Stock up as much food as you can afford.
  2. Buy as much Silver and Gold as you can afford.
  3. Get a gun and stock up on ammunition.
  4. Get copy of the US Constitution - read it.
  5. Join Freedom Works
  6. Turn off your TV - all of the major networks are corrupt.
  7. All the politicians are corrupt and do not give a rat's ass about you. Get that through your head. Not one little Rodent Heine, Beaver Buttocks, Chipmunk Caboose do they care, about you.
We are heading right into Tyranny. Our congress just passed a law allowing the military to arrest US Citizens without charges, and detain you for as long as they want. No trial, no lawyer, nothing. You just disappear. They do not even have to tell anybody. Why do you think they did that? 

I hope you realize by now that the financial crisis was orchestrated and was intentional. Goldman Sachs is neck deep in this. It is no coincidence that they remained standing. 

Throughout the country, Agenda 21 is being implemented right under your noses. Agenda 21 is intended to "protect the environment" by corralling all of the people into easily controlled high-density housing built by the chosen corporations. They don't care much about the people, I suspect they are still too squeamish to just flat out kill us. That will change.

Anybody having trouble with property rights? Agenda 21. The goal is to do away with private property ownership. How convenient to have so many people lose their houses, they won't mind when others lose their houses.... social justice.

You better start listening to Glen Beck and Alex Jones. Find those homeless veterans and take care of them. They might have one more battle to fight - the 2nd American Revolution.

This is not a joke, this is reality. It sucks, but it is.

Do not let them turn you against your fellow Americans. I complain about unions because I suspect the leadership is in on this. I am not against unions in general. I am for the Constitution, and for limited government. 

I am for limited government not because I do not want to take care of people, or because I do not want to pay taxes. I am for limited government because power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely -  and our constitution was designed to prevent tyranny.

Tyranny sucks.

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