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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thank You, Nice Navy Pilots


Dear Howard Kunstler - Don't Try To Put The Blame On X

I have a lot of hope for the millennials, the young people just coming up. They're going to get sick of living in an ethical vacuum and sick of political paralysis.Their brains are going through the final stage of development where it arrives at the ability to make judgments. They are going to judge the Boomers and their X'er successors harshly and they're going to remind us that Americans are capable of valiant action even without the trappings of jingoism and sports metaphors.
This is the first time I have read anything written by a Boomer that even acknowledges the existence of Generation X, but it does not surprise me one bit that the first reference I come across is a pathetic attempt to share the blame of the disaster which is currently unfolding before our eyes. On behalf of GenX, I politely decline your generous offer to serve as your generation's scapegoat; I believe one must give credit where credit is due, and this is unmistakeably your baby, Boomer.

Sign Me, X
I drink Tea, not KOOLAID.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Marines =)

Yup, there is no difference between men and friends and I do this all the time..... ha ha HA HA HA HA ...rotflol....

I ***heart*** marines because they come up with stuff like this...

in addition to all of the putting their lives on the line for us stuff...


RH Scrubbed March 27, 2011

Google Cache

By Scrubbed, I mean watered down from the level of "overt threat" to "discussions of interest concerning Islam". Did the owners suddenly have a change of heart, or were they feeling the heat. I have my suspicions, so I am posting as much of the old site in the form of screen shots as I can before it disappears out of the google cache.

Pre-scrubbed versions of - a site overtly calling for the overthrow of the US government and the implementation of Sharia law.

Pre-scrubbed version - click on image to view full-size.

The video from the center lower panel above.

Center Portion of Pre-scrubbed version of
"Do NOT Obey the Law of the Land 
There is a common misconception among Muslims today, that they are obliged to obey the law of the land in whatever country they reside, many advocates or supporters of this call quote Imaam Abu Hanifah (rh) as evidence, and indeed Imam Abu Hanifah (rh) did say, “Obey the law of the land” but the question is, which land? Was he living in the land of the Romans or was he living in the Islamic State? Therefore, which law was he saying we must obey? Indeed he was asking us to obey the shari’ah i.e. the law of the land in the Islamic state (during his time); we cannot imagine that this great Imam of Ahl Sunnah wal Jamaa’ah, would ask us to contradict the command of Allah (SWT) to not obey the disbelievers and the hypocrites: Allah (SWT) says, “O Prophet (Muhammad SAW)! Keep your duty to Allah, and obey not the disbelievers and the hypocrites. Verily! Allah is Ever All ­Knower.” [EMQ 33.1]"

Lower Portion Of Pre-scrubbed version of

I suggest you write your representatives on the local, state and federal levels and ask them to comment on this site. I do not believe that the originators of this site suddenly had a moderation epiphany. This is camouflage but the monster is still underneath.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Who Is Going To Protect Us From The Department Of Homeland Security?

Today, March 26, 2011, the stage was set for emergency responders in Iowa to practice what to do in the event of an act of terrorism. It is good to be prepared, so it makes sense to run drills. It is just who the government views as being potential terrorists that made my blood run cold. It seems that if you are a) a young white male, 2) unhappy with the government's total failure to enforce the laws of this country and assert our right to exist as a sovereign nation, 3) are involved in a sport involving firearms (such as the biathlon), and as such are "enthusiastic" - the government views you as a potential terrorist threat.

Janet Napolitano is protecting us from terror attacks by the US biathlon team - see those smiles? They look pretty enthusiastic to me...

Here is a page from the script which our emergency responders are using to deal with our thorny Olympic team, and others just like them.


Operation Closed Campus 13

Pottawattamie County Emergency Management Agency
Homeland Security Exercise & Evaluation Program (HSEEP)


...situation, have found no strong evidence to take action or make an arrest. Similar occurrences have happened in other schools and public places over the past 6 months throughout the region.

Suspect Background: Susp1: Timothy Jasper. White male, 18 year old high school senior. Lives in isolated rural area in Treynor School District. Little is known of the family, not originally from the area.

The suspect participates in no school activities, relatively low to mediocre grades and attendance. Has been disciplined for fights at school, threats to staff and students as well as being known to law enforcement.

The student has been seen with anti-immigration demonstrators and community rumors indicate a violent, quick-tempered father with ties to an underground white supremacy group that was involved in a small demonstration and assault 30 days ago in another community. ...

The family is known to be firearm enthusiasts, if not fanatics. Suspect 1 has access to a significant cache of firearms, ammunition and materials suitable to make improvised explosive devices.

Susp2: John Jackson. White male, 17 year old high school junior. Isolated, quiet personality at school. No social interaction with students in or out of the school setting. Has often been the victim of hazing and bullying his entire school career.

He has participated in school athletics with little achievement often riding the bench, which has also contributed to continual hazing and a diminishing self-worth. This student has befriended Suspect 1 within the past year. His attitude has began to migrate from quiet meekness to antisocial aggressiveness with changes in appearance, hair style and clothing style that mimics that of his new friend and quasi-protector.

Scenario: It is a seemingly typical Friday morning. Students have arrived at school in Treynor and the initial morning activities and classes have been completed. It is approximately 10:00 a.m. and the current period has let out. Students and staff floods into the hallways and common areas of the high school.

Suspect 1 approaches a small group of minorities in the northeast corner of the cafeteria. Suspect 1 begins blurting racial slurs and that he is tired of them moving in and stealing jobs and money from Americans.

As the altercation is about to become physical and is noticed by a staff member, Suspect 1 pulls a handgun from his waistband, shooting one of the minority students. As chaos ensues, suspect 2 yells “the Revolution begins” and pulls out a weapon himself.

The suspects begin firing upon anyone in their path and chasing down anyone who is against their ill-perceived stand as they make good on their unanswered written word.


I don't care what your political bent is. If you don't think this is an attack on the American people by our government, you are brain dead.


PS. I apologize to the US Biathlon team for putting their smiling, happy faces in a blog post about terrorism. Furthermore, I have no idea what their views are on illegal aliens who violate our borders, or our governments refusal to enforce the laws of this country. I am taking a leap of faith that they fall into the category of the 70% or so of Americans who expect the Federal government to do its job.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pete Stark - Dedicating His Life To Demonstrating The Concept Of Unjustified Arrogance

In happier times, I would seriously consider sacrificing a television set or 3 to a "let's watch Pete Stark on youtube and throw things at the TV" party.

When you are filling your kids backpack with worthless dollar bills in an attempt to buy a gallon of milk before the price doubles again, think of Pete Stark. He is one of the people who put you in that absurd situation.

And, after viewing this video, I would say The University Of Puerto Rico is one darn fine institution.

Sign me,

Busy keeping track of the de-railers RH

PS anybody out there striving to be all moral and politically correct - where does starving the global masses fit in on your politically correct scale? Is it, Worst: "I sometimes get nervous when there are Arabs on my plane" and then Less than worst: Causing actual Arabs to go hungry by callously driving up world food prices.
If anything, QE is one of the primary forces driving up food and energy prices globally, contributing to extreme difficulty among the impoverished of the world, and adding to social tensions and resulting violence. John Hussman - Smart Guy with own "fund" and everything!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Rethinking Giving ANY Taxpayer Money To The UC System

The Cruel Irony Of Being Forced To Pay For Your Own Destruction
I just got an email with the title: March 2011 News from UC Santa Cruz. The top story of this month's newsletter is: State budget cuts: ‘We are at the point of compromising quality’ and then to the left of their little tale of woe:

This is the conclusion that our supposed learned thinkers have drawn. It really calls into question whether our "investment" in this farce of a higher education system has a positive net present value. This after the results of the grand, progressive social experiment are in. We can refer to this failed experiment as the Soviet Union and friends - it was a dismal failure. The true costs of it, however, will never be known. Immeasurable human suffering, wasted lives and resources - and failure to even accomplish its own basic goals. It did produce some effective nuclear weapons, though.

Let's do ourselves a favor, pat the UC Chancellors on the head, and send them off to play in "Happy land". I wonder if the Russians would let us borrow Siberia for this purpose?


Public Schools Used As Battleground For Extremist Agenda

If I had young children there is absolutely, positively no way I would put them in public schools. Whatever your thoughts or beliefs on homosexuality are, it is safe to say that there are major disagreements on how the topic should be handled and since the current "progressive" mindset bucks thousands of years of human experience, a cautious approach would be in the best interest of the children.

Public schools are not the place for teachers to "come out", nor should any sort of homosexual behavior be presented as normal or healthy behavior. Common sense and a little knowledge of anatomy should be enough to tell you that much. Public schools should reflect and reinforce the values the children learn at home. School officials and staff have no business trying to dictate morality independently from the rest of society and more importantly, when their idea of morality differs from that of mainstream America and serves to undermine the values which the child is taught at home, the school is to defer to the parents.

This meeting of public school officials in Concorde, Massachusetts is outrageous. The whole lot of them should be canned forthwith and be permanently banned from working in education of minors. The arrogance on display is mind-boggling.

I don't know what is wrong with the people of Massachusetts to allow these types of dictators educate their children, short of something being in the water, it is hard to understand.

These school officials do not have the best interests of the children in mind, they are pushing an experimental social agenda of their own design and liking, and they are doing it on the backs of the children. It is reprehensible that those in authority allow it to continue or even allowed it to get started in the first place.

One seriously has to wonder about parents who permit their children to be used as guinea-pigs and allow them to be taught moral values that exist nowhere in the world successfully and which usually make an appearance in societies on the verge of collapse or periods of prolonged decline.

Oh, but what's that you say? You're much smarter than all the billions who came before you, and somehow, magically, you know better?

Prove it.


PS To those who would be offended by what I have written above, before you start to complain, I suggest you consider the "progressive" (Marxist or variation thereof) movement's ultimate goal and paint yourself a picture of their Utopian society. They know as well as I do that promoting the homosexual agenda is destabilizing for society, and once they have control, if you think there will still be room for GLBT, you have got another thing coming. You will be repressed like nothing you have ever imagined. They support you now for the divisiveness you bring to the table, not because they really care about your rights or lives.

They need you because their goal is to wean people off of religion (under their system, you worship the State), and since Christianity is the dominant religion in this country, anything that weakens Christianity is pushed for the time being. (Thus the sudden desire to import millions of Muslims and "tolerate" their medieval morality.)  Judaism, however, is not immune, either, and when it gets in their way, they have no problem attacking it, either - for example, by producing the play "Falsettos" in a public high school which has been criticized as follows: it obscenely mocks Jewish ethnicity and denigrates traditional Judaism.  I suspect the Muslims are also here to "put the Jews in their place" as well, since we all know how they get along in the Middle East.

Think about that. Not for my benefit, for your own.

The Progressives have now succeeded in kicking religion out of the US Military - they must choose between compromising their beliefs and being "separated" which will ultimately result in their exiting the service. This is a twofer - strike a blow against religion and weaken the US Military in one fell swoop.

This is their goal for society as a whole, by the way. It will soon be that anybody with any religious beliefs are "separated" from the rest of society - such that practicing a religion will make it extremely difficult for you to thrive in society. Most, will opt for thriving in society and will abandon their faith. I really hope there is a God, and that there is a special place in Hell for "Progressives". They are the closest thing I have ever seen to the definition of pure evil.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Really Bank Of America? Stealing $75 From Little Girls

Last year, I visited my sister's family and trying to be a good auntie, I took her girls, ages 2, 4, and 6 to the local Bank Of America to open savings accounts for them. My uncle did that for me when I was a little girl, and I have  been a saver ever since.

Made BAC Shareholders $25 Richer 
As you can imagine, this wasn't the smoothest opening of bank accounts in the world, especially because my little two-year-old niece can be somewhat impatient with her bankers. The two older girls were very excited at getting their "very own" savings accounts, especially after I explained (5 or 6 times) how their money would grow with the interest they would earn.

The BOfA account specialist was a sport about it, and I deposited $25 in each of their accounts to get them started. Because the girls are children, the accounts were officially in my name, but they each got their own little passbook with the amount of $25 written in.

Today, I was going through some of my unopened mail, and I discovered statements for the 3 savings accounts. I hadn't bothered to open them, because, I assumed, since I had the passbooks, and they were savings accounts, there would be no activity on the accounts.

That was my second major mistake. The first was to trust Bank Of America with the savings accounts of my darling little nieces. As it turns out, Bandits Of America had helped themselves to the $25 in each account in the form of "fees" - which they charge, I learned from their customer service center, on savings accounts with balances less than $300. So now I have to tell my three little nieces that Bank Of America took their money.

I understand fees on a checking account; the Bank is providing a service. It never occurred to me that a Bank would be so low as to charge fees on a savings account. When I was a little girl, I used to make deposits to my savings account in change - 75 cents in quarters, 80 cents in dimes - I think after 5 years I had managed to save up around $60 of which I was very proud. By the time I was in high school, I had saved enough to buy my first 10 speed bicycle - a sparkly gold Schwinn-Le Tour for $180.00.

I guess it is a metaphor for the times - the bank, especially Bank Of America, is the last place on earth a little girl should consider trusting with her money.

Thank you, Bank Of America - I hope your shareholders enjoy the $25 in profits they "earned" by ransacking my two-year-old nieces first savings account, and the $25 BAC charged my 4 year old niece that might have contributed to BAC Corp.'s Quarterly Dividend on Series L Preferred Stock, and let's not forget the $25 from my 6 year old nieces first savings account that surely was not discussed at the Bank of America 2011 Investor Conference.

Way to go Bank Of America. You should be really proud of yourselves. Mothers of the world, be very careful about bringing your babies near a Bank Of America branch. Especially if they are holding a lolli.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Truly Offensive Video - UCLA Chancellor

This is why we need to cut off funding to the UC System. This is the chancellor of UCLA getting his panties in a bunch and pitting the entire UCLA campus and weight of the office of the Chancellor against one girl who made a video rant about Asians on cell phones in the library and overprotective Asian relatives. I sincerely wish I could prevent even one of my tax dollars from being used to fund the sorry, pathetic nursery school for adults that we refer to as "higher education".

Are Asians really so fragile that they will melt if they see a video that mentions Asians as a group? Does this mean that Asians never refer to other groups and make some sort of commentary, whether positive, negative or neutral? It has nothing to do with Asians, really, it is quite normal and natural for people from different cultures to notice behaviors and customs which are different from one's own and to comment on them. Sometimes the commentary will be favorable, sometimes it won't be - but it will always be, because it is human nature. Out of his blow-hole, he spouts off about diversity, then stands waiting with his club raised and ready to pummel anybody who notices aloud.

So why the ridiculous reaction from the Nanny In Charge? Because he is the real racist and bigot. His implicit assumption is that Asians are in need of his protection because they are too weak and feeble to be able to handle comments made by a young, blond girl having a bad day. He also believes that whites are bad, and that when one of them does something human, they need to be severely punished for it - and the punishment must exceed the alleged "crime" - which speaking one's mind is now at UC campuses, by a factor of 100 or so. Is the Governor going to beat up on this girl, too? Maybe the President will make his own video commentary and then the UN will call an emergency session.

This creature which supposedly represents the epitome of knowledge and education shows absolute contempt for American society - everybody's culture is revered and respected but our own - the American culture is unworthy of the same protection and is to be attacked and ridiculed as often as possible. People like this blow-hard Chancellor will not be satisfied until white Americans are at the bottom of the barrel, destitute and dependent.

I am not willing to fund my own destruction, and this mentality is pervasive throughout the public school system. There need not be any hostility between Asians, Whites, Blacks, Hispanics etc, but there will always be some sort of friction - at least as long as they insist on fanning the flames with their maniacal obsession with diversity. I have come to absolutely detest that word, even though I actually like the real thing.

Our entire system of public education has become a cesspool of leftist propaganda and an engine of destruction for this country. It needs to be allowed to crumble under its own destructive and subversive agenda - and until it does, it is simply a waste of money because the least of what it is doing is providing an education, or encouraging critical thinking. It seeks only to indoctrinate and further the world view of the pathetic losers who would otherwise starve to death were it not for taxpayer money.


This is certainly OK with the UCLA Chancellor: They even have courses at UCLA to encourage racism against whites.

More Nuclear Thoughts

  1. If you have purchased potassium iodine tablets and end up not taking them, keep them in a safe but accessible place because we here in California have the same setup as they do in Japan; earthquakes, nuclear power plants and lots of ocean. If one of our power plants blows, those little pills could turn out to be the best investment you ever made. Considering the Diablo Canyon plant sits on top of or nearby 4 different earthquake faults, and is built to withstand only a 7.5 magnitude earthquake, it seems to me a major accident there is not unthinkable. Plus, the 1989 earthquake centered in Santa Cruz, California occurred on a fault they didn't know about. They always say it's safe. Do you think the Japanese officials told the people "Hey our nuclear plants are really crappy, and if there is ever an earthquake, if the falling buildings or tsunami don't kill you, the radiation probably will." It's always safe or financially sound or not a problem - until suddenly it is. Then it was unforseeable.
  2. Exposure to radiation is particularly harmful to kids, I have heard. The Germans have a program worked out with the city of Chernoybl where kids can go spend a summer or a few weeks with a German family to give them a break from the still kinda radioactive city of Chernoybl. It occurred to me that this might be something we could do for Japanese kids. I thought it would put it out there to see what people think.
That's all.



Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lessons I learned From Being 1,500 Miles From CHERNOBYL When It Blew

I was in West Germany in Goettingen when Tchernobyl exploded. Here are a few lessons I learned from that bit of  fun.
  1. Whoever is in the immediate vicinity of a reactor when it melts is dead. Not immediately, but soon. Judging from the pictures I have seen regarding the city of  CHERNOBYL itself, a lot of damage is done, much of which doesn't show up for years. But I am not an expert, so I'll shut up about that.
  2. 1,500 miles sounds like a nice buffer zone, but in the case of CHERNOBYL, a bunch of the radioactive gunk was spewed upwards in the form of smoke, where it joined up with some clouds on their way west, and then proceeded to rain down over Western Europe.
  3. Nothing in your outward environment will appear abnormal or unusual. That is the eerie part, since you can get a nice dose of radiation and never know it. Also, it makes it easy for the government or anybody with an interest to lie to you - unless you have a Geiger counter (they may have other measuring devices, but I don't know about them..)

    For example, I am listening to KFI right now, and they have a guy on who is a doctor, and he is making it sound like a nuclear reactor accident is no big deal. He said that most of the fallout disappears within a few weeks. I wish I had caught his name, because somebody should tell him to let the Europeans know about this, since they are still (apparently needlessly) warning folks off of wild mushrooms and game because of the high levels of radioactive Stromium or was it Caesium they still contain.

  4. In CHERNOBYL, radioactivity was delivered via 3 elements. Iodine (has a 1/2 life of about 2 weeks) The other two, Stromium and Caesium will be around for longer than is relevant to a human being.

  5. To protect yourself from the effects of the radioactive iodine, which can be absorbed by the thyroid gland (since this is where our bodies store iodine), taking iodine tablets is said to provide some protection. The Polish government distributed iodine tablets to children in the days following the accident. Ask your doctor before you do anything, though. I am not giving you medical advice and you should consider me an idiot on this topic because I have never even taken physics and everything I am writing here is from memory.

  6. A lot of my friends back then were biologists who worked in labs containing radioactive material, and would routinely pass through a radiation detector when leaving the lab, to make sure they hadn't been  contaminated during the course of performing their little experiments. After that first rain, the one with the clouds from Russia, the alarms went off when the students tried to get into the lab.

  7. Finally, keep in mind that governments lie. The Soviets tried to keep the lid on the accident as long as possible. The Swedes were the first ones to notice something was up because they detected high levels of radiation. The Soviets didn't admit it for 3 days.

  8. They insist the core is fine in the reactor in Japan. I dunno - looks like a big boom - but then again that black box always survives in plane wrecks.

  9. If lots of radioactivity is released, it may show up in places like... California. If it rains, then we get it on the ground.

  10. Hope that helps. Do your own research, come to your own conclusions about what is or isn't needed.
I bought myself a Geiger counter ordered a bunch of iodine tablets just in case. 3/14/11 Crudnix - my order was canceled! They are sold out!  3/15 Just ordered some from this site - although is on back order. Will Keep Looking - 3/15 Just ordered 9 bottles from - it seems to be in stock.


Monday Update: One senior U.S. official says, "under the best scenarios, this isn't going to end anytime soon." The White House also issued a statement saying, "Hawaii, Alaska, the U.S. Territories and the U.S. West Coast are not expected to experience any harmful levels of radioactivity." A rather specific list of exactly who ISN'T going to experience harmful levels of radiation...sorry Nevada - looks like you're done for.
Tuesday Update: Plan B seems to have thought through what to do in the event of a nuclear disaster.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

California - Chinese Style - California Considers Increasing Income Tax On The Rich

Here is an article about California I found in the English version of the People's Daily Online - (Everything in China is People's this and People's that - it's a Communist thing, err excuse me, "Socialist")


California Considers Increasing Income Tax On The Rich 10:25, July 19, 2008

Although having the nation's highest tax rate, California is considering raising the wealthiest Californians' income taxes to a level not seen anywhere in the country in years, it was reported on Friday. 

After years of income taxes steadily dropping elsewhere, California would raise the effective rate on those earning at least 1 million dollars to 12 percent, more than twice the rate inmost other states that have income taxes, the Los Angeles Times said. 

Although legislative leaders are weighing a plan to balance the budget in part by raiding transportation funds and local government accounts, many Democrats are still rallying around an income-tax increase as the best way to bring the budget into balance over the long term, said the paper. 

Economists and money managers, though, are wondering whether California would be returning to this well one time too many. There is, they say, a point at which the cash infusion is outweighed by damage done to the economy: Entrepreneurs get driven away. Profits get stowed in tax shelters. Companies shelve plans for expansion. 

"The more a tax sticks out like a sore thumb, the more taxpayers will look for ways to avoid it," said Robert Ward, deputy director of the Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government in Albany, N.Y. California's income tax on its highest earners "would be a significantly higher rate than in any other state." Rhode Island's is the next highest, at 9.9 percent. 

Proponents of tax hikes, though, say there is no evidence that meaningful numbers of high earners follow through on threats to leave. The number of wealthy Californians continued to swell after the last tax hike targeted at the rich, a 1 percent surcharge on income above 1 million dollars that was approved by voters in 2004,according to the California Budget Project, a think tank that advocates for low-income Californians. 

And a study by the Public Policy Institute of California concluded that the state's job growth typically keeps pace with the national average. 

People need not move away to avoid a tax increase. Those who handle money for the wealthy are already working on strategies, the paper said. 


And in a rather cruel and twisted irony, this article:

Higher Personal Income To Aid The Needy 

The needy will get higher personal income via a cut in their taxes, or as the lingo of the People's Republic, they will increase their Threshold Of Taxable Personal Income - which given the context of the article seems to be similar to our "standard deduction". They get a bigger one now. What does the Chinese government hope to achieve with this?

Experts believe that the move will act like hitting two birds with one stone: to aid average Joes combat rising inflation with a fatter income, and to help expanding domestic consumption and give a boost to China's economy at a time Beijing has implemented a spate of administrative measures to restrain a bubbling housing market. 

Ya don't say. How is that again? When you want to give the ol' economy a boost, you do what? cut taxes? Did the People's Republic Of China, aka Red China, aka Communist China just cut taxes to boost the economy?

I am going to cry myself to sleep now.

Nite Nite


Friday, March 11, 2011

A Few Memories Of Germany During The Cold War - By Yours Truly

In 1985/86 I spent the year in Germany attending the University in Goettingen, traveling and suffering and recovering from periodic bouts of culture shock. At the time, Germany was split in two, a lingering result of WWII when the victorious allies divided up the country into zones. The British, French and American zones became West Germany - Bundesrepublik Deutschland (BRD), and the Russian zone became the now defunct East Germany or Deutsche Demokratische Republik (DDR).

Goettingen was in West Germany, but was fairly close to the border with the East. We took a trip out there once to have a look, but there really wasn't much to see, except for a gnarly looking fence that stretched as far as the eye could see in both directions. I can't remember exactly whether there was a no-mans land at the place where we went, but I do remember the watch towers. The towers were positioned so that the guards could keep an eye on their beloved fence and shoot anybody who got the bright idea of trying to escape. In the places with a no-mans land, the fence was actually two fences about 50 feet apart, with very well kept gravel surface. I am not sure how they did the upkeep because it was actually a mine field, so raking the surface would only result in a bigger mess of unsightly blood, guts, bits of flesh and bone. (Note to self - google "How to keep your mine field nice and tidy"). Anyway, I remember that fence made me mad.

Of course the inhabitants of the DDR were told the fence was to keep the capitalist swine from sullying their little socialist utopia, and 3 or 4 people probably believed them. I don't know how the rest felt about it, because even if you did manage to weasel a visit to the east, you weren't allowed to go anywhere, and none of the DDR'ler would talk to you for fear of repercussions from the authorities.

One way to see a bit of the DDR back then, was to visit Berlin, which was right smack in the middle of East Germany. Berlin was also sliced in two, and that is where the infamous wall was built (die Mauer). The side facing West Berlin was covered with graffiti, the side facing the east was pristine, dungeon gray. Not because of stiff penalties for graffitiing up the wall, but because you would be dead by the time you got close enough with your little spray can. They took that wall pretty seriously.

So anyway, one day some friends and I set off to Berlin by car. The socialist philosophy is to make everything as annoying as humanly possible, and towards this purpose, they built special contraptions to assist them. One such device was in place at the East German check points on the Autobahn. As each car pulled up closer to the little booths containing real, live communists, you were required to collect all the passports from the passengers of your car and place them on a conveyor belt which stretched maybe 10 car lengths and disappeared into the little booth at the end of your line. The belt was housed in clear plastic so you could watch your passport on its journey. This was not a pleasant thing to do because your passport was the only thing that kept you from a lifetime of being protected from capitalist swine. Oink.

Then you got to sit there for an hour or two - while they did some research on you, or started a file on you or did who knows what with your poor little helpless passport. You weren't allowed to get out of the car, and finally when you pulled up to the window, they opened each passport and checked each face in the car and matched it to a passport. While this was going on, I guy with a 6 foot long dentist's mirror inspected the underside of your car. Then you had to exchange money, I seem to remember it was about 8 DM - about $4.00 per person per day - even if you were going to West Berlin. Once that was done, we drove off with strict instructions not to leave the Autobahn or we would be arrested. You could stop at an Autobahnraststätte, but that was it. (Autobahnraststätte - rest stops along the freeway.)

So,  we decided to stop about mid-way for something to eat (We had to do something to unload the funny money we were given for our Marks). We sat down in the little restaurant and were handed menus, and were given the usual amount of time to study them. Then, the waitress returned to take our order, and each time somebody asked for whatever they had picked out, the waitress responded that they were out of that. We went through the entire menu and they were out of that too, so we asked, "well what do you have?" and learned thusly that they had some sort of Gulash, so we all ate that. We didn't even think of complaining or questioning - it was pretty clear comments and inquiries were frowned upon.

Then we piled into the car and high-tailed it to West Berlin because the DDR was flat out depressing - like, a real downer, man. The speed limit was ridiculously low, something like 85 Kilometers/Hour which wasn't really an issue for the DDR'ler and their paper-maché contraptions called Trabant or Trabbi - they most likely couldn't even go that fast. But to a car full of bummed out students from the West, it was really hard to not floor it and get the heck out of Dodge.

OK, Enough for now. Nite Nite.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Recovery - Eminem & Detroit - Here's To You Folks!

Eminem and Detroit are perhaps one step ahead of the rest of us because they seem to have hit bottom and from the looks of it might be in the initial stages of recovery. When I first saw pictures of Detroit, it literally brought tears to my eyes to see what must have been a grand city diminished and abandoned and looking like a city out of one of the many recent zombie movies.

I have never been to Detroit, but Detroit has been here, rolling on four wheels or dancing out of my radio. I think it is the only US city that has an entire genre of music to call its own. I could be wrong, but I don't care because I am just happy to see some fighting spirit coming alive in the people of Detroit.

I know Eminem uses a lot of potty language, but I don't care about that either because I think he has character, grit and backbone. Life was shooting lemons at him like a tennis ball machine on steroids shoots tennis balls - and the kid just went out and opened up one enormous lemonade stand.

So, here's to you, Eminem & Friends and to Detroit. Stay strong and don't give up.


Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Sanctuary Cities In The US Help Carlos Slim Stay On Top - World's Richest Man

I wonder what would happen if the US stopped making life easy for the Mexican elite. If for example, Mayor Antonio Villarigosa of Los Angeles and Raza racist sent all of the Mexican citizens occupying Los Angeles packing back to Mexico.  For starters, the city would have over $1 billion more to spend on US citizens - bet you could buy a whole lot of pencils for the schools, or be 1/200th closer to paying for the cushy baby boomer pensions.

But that's the obvious part. If the 30 Million illegal alien Mexicans went back home, they might be somewhat unsatisfied with their prospects in Mexico - since the entire economy is effectively controlled by one man:

Carlos Slim Is The Richest Man In The World, With $74 BILLION
Carlos Slim, the world's richest man, Mexican, and most likely the biggest, individual shafter of the American public. If we actually had a free press in this country, one which partook in investigative journalism, they would probably take it upon themselves to do some research into which US politicians this guy has in his pocket.

Here in the US, we are paying to educate millions of Mexican children, so that Carlos Slim can continue to add billions to his balance and show up Bill Gates. We will be forced to cut the salaries of our teachers, firemen, policemen so the children of Mr. Slim can drop $125,000 on rounds of Champagne in a bar in Monaco. I wonder how many times La Raza has called him a racist for not wanting to kick in more money to take care of his fellow citizens - or even better - just loosening his stranglehold on the Mexican economy so that the little people can start businesses and become prosperous in their own right.

This may surprise a lot of you pity patty people (liberals in the US who pity the poor Mexicans while patting themselves on the back for caring about their inferiors), but the people of Mexico are not lesser human beings or inferior in some way to the American. They are shackled with a genuinely racist, and fabulously corrupt government and micro-thin mega-rich elite who are all just peachy with the status-quo.

And boy are they laughing all the way to the bank. Suckers.


23 iMacs Stolen From Computer Lab At Buena High School

It seems that somebody helped themselves to 23 iMac computers belonging to Buena High School and actually being used to educate students. I don't need to belabor the point, this is really just an FYI. Spend some money on a little extra security because this sort of thing is going to happen more often.

This is the second time this year the computer lab was plundered. In the first heist, only two machines were taken. This time, they took it all. Filthy scumbags. Skunks.


Sunday, March 06, 2011

Politically Correct Is Rotten To The Core - It Is A Farce - A Lie - It Can Kill You

Do you want to know what evil is? Here is an example. We all know what it means to be politically correct. In the beginning, some of the things made sense to me, and I admit, as a youngster many of the ideas put forth appealed to me - and still do - who wants to live in an unjust society, really, anyway?

So, when for example, the topic of affirmative action came up, I didn't protest because I thought to myself, well, it will help put blacks on more of an equal footing and hopefully make up for some of the lousy treatment they have received over the years. And they have received lousy treatment - if you doubt that go read some newspapers from the 1940s, 50s, 60s, 70s and even 1980s. Some of the articles I read hit me like a slap in the face - I could not believe that such was really the status quo.

I assumed that the liberals, the Democrats actually believed in what they are trying to do - that they were trying to right a wrong. I no longer have those illusions.

I was just over listening to blog talk radio for Althea Shaw - she is running for city council for district 10 in Los Angeles. Somebody made reference to a comment made by Sheriff Baca - the Sheriff of LA County:

Sheriff Baca: Yes, Latino gangs killing blacks
When I asked about it, somebody sent me a URL to this site where I read:

LA County Sheriff Lee Baca, on April 4th, told a largely African-American audience in Compton that when Latino gangs are at war with black gangs over drugs and turf they are sometimes satisfied to kill any young black living in their rival's territory in order to flex their criminal muscle... 

That is April 4th of 2008. I never read about this in any newspaper, did you? Call me crazy, but if a certain group of people are in danger of being gunned down simply because of their skin color, we should be a) warning them to be on the lookout and b) putting together and all-out mega response to put a stop to it. I would expect to see it on the front page of the LA Times, and hear it discussed on the news until a solution was found.

Where is Jesse Jackson? Where is Al Sharpton? Where is anybody? The Sheriff of Los Angeles County says blacks are sometimes targeted by Latino gangs - whether or not they are actually in a gang or not - but just because they are black.

This is worse than hypocrisy. Here in California, where we have nothing but so-called "bleeding heart liberals",  they are gunning down blacks in the streets of Los Angeles and nobody gives a damn. (Although, now that I think of it, Los Angeles is the same city that embraced a buggering Catholic cardinal for decades.)

I spit on political correctness.

Now, if anybody has an ounce of decency out there who is in a position to do something about this horrific situation, please do so. If you live in district 10 in Los Angeles, you can do something about this by electing a decent human being to represent you in the Los Angeles City Council - Althea Rae Shaw.

Pissed Off Again RH

Get To Know China - Our Days Our Numbered

The End Game

I don't know how long the death of a currency takes. There is also the X factor with the Chinese government - can we really trust them? People might wonder to themselves - which might limit the position companies, countries and richies are willing to take in the Yuan - the currency of China. Until recently, China was very protective of its currency, however, over the last year or so, China has been evidently preparing the Yuan for its debut in world markets. First, it was sent on a date with the Russians and Malaysians, and now China appears to be planning the Yuan's debutant ball.

This is utter speculation on my part, but I am wondering whether the sudden love affair between Barbados and China has anything to do with Barbados being a favorite amongst those into off-shore banking. I can imagine all those with big fat US $$$ denominated bank accounts in Barbados are doing the get-me-out-of-the-dollar-dance.

Whispering sweet nothings to each other: "Chen said that since diplomatic relations were set up between China and Barbados, political trust between the two countries has deepened day by day, cooperation in all sectors born abundant fruits, and the two countries supported each other on important international and regional issues."

Once the Yuan has been introduced into society, assuming it makes a favorable impression, the world can abandon the US Dollar as the primary means of conducting international business. When this happens, the dollar will go into a free fall, and god knows what will happen to our economy.

The fact that we import roughly 60% of our oil does not bode well for our future. Currently we enjoy somewhat of an oil subsidy due to our currency's reserve status. (If everybody has to first buy $$s to trade with another country, that keeps the demand for $$s strong, and the "price" of the dollar high. The price is the exchange rate relative to other currencies.) When that demand goes away, the price drops and everything outside the $$ world becomes more expensive for us - including oil.

I can't think of an economic sector in the US or any other country for that matter that does not require energy, usually oil, to function. We have enough reserves ourselves, however, the environmentalists have vilified the oil companies to the extent that much of our oil is left in the ground. Don't get me wrong, I love a clean environment, but I think we are going to regret listening to them.

I really hope I am wrong about all of this. If somebody can come up with some reasons why I am, please post them. I would much rather be proven a fool than get to say "I told you so".

To prepare for this, you are going to need to buy some hard assets - stuff. Gold, silver, commodities, although I have no idea how to buy commodities, other than at the grocery store. I buy gold and silver because it is pretty and shiny and you can wear it to dinner, but what shall I do with pork bellies?

The other thing I am going to try to look into is opening a bank account with the BOC - Bank Of China. They've got a branch next door in Los Angeles, and I hear you can open a savings account denominated in Yuan. You have to go there, though. There is another branch in New York City, if you are over there. If anybody tries this before I do, please let me know how it went?

Really Tired RH

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Goldman Sachs Should Be Burned To The Ground

Look folks, there are more of us than there are of them. Everything is corrupt and rotten to the core. Academia and politicians are whores, we have this thief Bernanke lying through his teeth to us every day as he destroys, devalues and debases the dollar and a media that is in collusion with the crooks.

We have Paulson, Geithner, Summers, Berquacky and the rest of the gang still running the financial system. They should all be in jail. We need to take back all of the money they stole, because they did steal it. I believe it is called fraud - so maybe it is more accurate to say they frauded it. They need to be prosecuted, relieved of their loot, and forbidden from having anything to do with money or finance for the remainder of their earthbound days.

If they need stuff to live on, they can try their luck at the swap meet on Saturdays. Every single Goldman Sachs office should be leveled. (After everybody is safely outside and care has been taken that nothing else gets damaged - they can do this, I saw it in Ocean's 11.)

Finally, unions in this country behave like no other unions I've ever encountered. I lived in Munich for several years where BMW rules supreme. BMW, the car company that makes the ultimate driving machine and whose entire work force is unionized. For some reason, the unions were able to get generous pay packages for their members without destroying the company that paid them. You would catch them lobbying the government to grant access to the labor market massive amounts of cheap labor when pigs fly.

We need to demand that heads roll down wall street. Because I swear to you they are in the process of doing it again.

Ugh. Boomers. What a mess.


Friday, March 04, 2011

Recouping The Costs Of Educating Illegal Aliens - Here's How

Welfare Reform Act of 1996

Provision of public services to immigrants is addressed in the federal Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996. Certain public health and welfare benefits are denied to aliens who are not “qualified” under the terms of the Act. This prohibition does not extend to basic public education. Section 433(a)(2) of Title IV (U.S. Code, Title 8, Section 1643[a][2]) specifically states, “Nothing in this title may be construed as addressing alien eligibility for a basic public education [emphasis added] as determined by the Supreme Court of the United States under Plyler v. Doe (457 U.S. 202)(1982).”

However, in 1997, federal immigration law was changed to say that a non-immigrant foreign student could only obtain an F-1 student visa to study in the U.S. if the student paid the school of attendance a fee equal to the cost of educating the student. A school that wishes to accept such students must file an application and be approved to admit foreign students. (8 U.S. Code Section 1184[m][1][B]; 8 CCR Section 214.3.)

Although a California school is not required to inquire about immigration status, once the school knows a student is not a citizen, the student should be directed to pay the fee required by federal law.

Source: CDOE

I can't believe this has been sitting on the CDOE website and I only find it now. We need to pass a law requiring students to declare their citizenship or residency or unlawful status. Then, they can still attend school here, they just need to pay for it. That seems fair to me. And as we have heard oh so many times, the Federal Government has the last word on matters of immigration.


DROP PROGRAM - 5 Year Double Dip Then Up To $800,000 Lump Sum Plus Your Pension For Life

What is the DROP program?
The DROP program stands for Deferred Retirement Option Plan. It is a program that was instituted to keep firefighters from retiring too early and putting a strain on the city to hire and train new firefighters. When you enter the DROP program, you cease to accumulate length of service years toward your pension. You have actually "retired' and started drawing your pension. You continue to work and be paid your salary and overtime, but you are also paid your pension every month which is set aside in a separate account. This is known as your DROP account and is currently earning a rate of return of 5%. You can stay in the program for up to 5 years, but then at that point you must retire officially.

The average payout for the participants in the program is $350,000 - the biggest payout was $800,000 or thereabouts. This is in addition to their pension for life.

Governor Brown, How dare you. You lousy, scum sucking corrupt weasel. You want to squeeze more out of the people of California so that fireman can effectively be millionaires when they retire?

You make hyenas gorging themselves on the corpses of babies look good. Horrid, horrid man. A thousand curses on your house. You can't see me, but I am giving you the evil out of both eyes and am making a particular gesture with my middle finger.



Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Schools And Leftist Indoctrination - As Pointed Out By Glenn Beck

Who thinks the founding fathers had big government in mind when they wrote the Constitution? Raise your hand! How many of you think Ben Franklin wanted to make sure you went to the doctor to get your annual check-up or that Thomas Jefferson wanted to confiscate one horse from each household and add them to the public domain in the name of transportation policy?

Don't look now, but your local public school is trying to put some pretty funny ideas into your children's heads. Good Glen Beck featured the headline Socialist Mantra Inserted In Grade School Lesson in today's Glenn O'Gram which of course made me very curious to read his newsletter and learn whether this was just so. As it turns out, the pinkos have inserted what can only be called a perverted interpretation of the Constitution into a book put out by Teacher Created Materials called Building Fluency Through Practice and Performance  - here is the full page cited on Glenn Beck's site the Blaze: (I yanked it from Amazon and took a screen shot - shown below.)

As it turns out, school children are learning that the Constitution says the government oversees the public's need for housing, education, transportation and health care - right after stating that people's basic needs must be met.

Building Fluency Through Practice and Performance

The message is clear. Need something? The government will take care of you and all your basic needs. We dont gotta do nothing, 'cause the feddies'll take care of us.


Intelligent Testimony Against Gay Marriage

Here in California, you will never get to see or hear arguments or testimony which refute the leftist derailer agenda - so I am posting this video of testimony before the Maryland state legislature because it is a very intelligent presentation of the cons associated with the government codifying same-sex unions.

The derailers would have it that nobody ever heard this point of view, so they could continue with their destruction of the social fabric which is currently holding us together in a more or less peaceful fashion.

Gay marriage is just one of the issues they are pushing to divide and conquer. (If you doubt this, consider how homosexuals are dealt with in ANY Muslim country in existence around the world and then try to reconcile the derailer agenda of pushing Muslim causes and homosexual causes in the same breath. At least one of those two groups is not going to like the outcome, n'est ce pas?)

I suspect, that while many are trotting along with the progressive movement because they genuinely believe themselves to be on the plus side of morality, the ones who steer the ship have no such illusions and are purposely heading for the iceberg. Once they have smacked into it, they intend to solidify their control over society during the resulting chaos, as most will be too busy just trying to survive that they will not notice, or will even welcome anybody who can restore order.

I personally do not want to be controlled by a bunch of progressive imbeciles who have succeeding in convincing themselves that they are superior to the rest of us and therefore are justified in imposing their own version of how things ought to be on society. Until we manage to wrestle our "free press" out of their hands, it is important that thinking people provide the contra. I am not saying I believe I am always right, or I know better, I am saying that in order to make decisions that are actually designed to benefit society, you need to consider the pros and the cons of any given issue. - There are always at least two sides to anything.

So, watch the video, or you're grounded.