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Friday, July 29, 2011

AFL-CIO Behind Californians Against Identity Theft Radio Ads- Here is The Proof



How I traced this:

  • Step 1: Run a Whois on the website domain: CALIFORNIANSAGAINSTIDENTITYTHEFT.ORG
    Newly Registered Domain Names on EVERYDNS.NET Currently displaying 21 of 21 domain names registered on July 26, 2011 and hosted at at the name server
    Domain ID:D162872742-LROR
    Created On:25-Jul-2011 23:10:03 UTC
    Last Updated On:25-Jul-2011 23:10:04 UTC
    Expiration Date:25-Jul-2013 23:10:03 UTC
    Sponsoring, Inc. (R91-LROR)
    Registrant ID:CR89015560
    Registrant Name:CA ID Theft
    Registrant Organization:Californians Against ID Theft
    Registrant Street1:1225 8th Street
    Registrant Street2:
    Registrant Street3:
    Registrant City:Sacramento
    Registrant State/Province:California
    Registrant Postal Code:95814
    Registrant Country:US
    Registrant Phone:+1.9164433302
    Registrant Phone Ext.:
    Registrant FAX:
    Registrant FAX Ext.:
    Registrant Email:


    All businesses at 1225 8th St, Sacramento, CA 95814
  • South East Asia Resource Actn  
  • 1531 Corporate Way # 100, Sacramento, CA 0.1 ft N
  • (916) 428-7769 ? ·
  • Sacramento, CA 95814

  • Capitol Services Inc  
  • 1225 8th St # 580, Sacramento, CA 0.1 ft N
  • (916) 443-0657 ?
  • "Das Capitol in Sacramento ist der "kleine Bruder" des weitaus bekannteren ..." -
  • California State Library Foundation  
  • 1225 8th St # 345, Sacramento, CA 0.1 ft N
  • (916) 447-6331 ? ·
  • development services · history room · reading room
  • ARC California  
  • 1225 8th St # 350, Sacramento, CA 0.1 ft N
  • (916) 552-6619 ? ·
  • developmental disabilities · intellectual and developmental
  • Capitol Deli  
  • 1225 8th St # 110, Sacramento, CA 0.1 ft N
  • (916) 554-3377 ?
  • 1 review
  • "This deli has great sandwiches. When I go to Sacramento on business I always ..." -
  • Latino Coalition-Healthy Ca  
  • 1225 8th St # 550, Sacramento, CA 0.1 ft N
  • (916) 448-3234 ? ·
  • care providers · enhanced · involvement · advocates · consumers
  • California Immigrant Policy  
  • 1225 8th St # 590, Sacramento, CA 0.1 ft N
  • (916) 448-6762 ? ·
  • State Building & Construction  
  • 1225 8th St # 375, Sacramento, CA 0.1 ft N
  • (916) 443-3302 ? ·
  • Mahoney & Tomlinson: Tomlinson Erica  
  • Ste 240, 1225 8th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814 0.1 ft N
  • (916) 446-8080 ? ·
  • California School Nurses Org  
  • 1225 8th St # 500, Sacramento, CA 0.1 ft N
  • (916) 448-5752 ? ·
  • California Library Association  
  • 1225 8th St # 425, Sacramento, CA 0.1 ft N
  • (916) 233-3298 ? ·
  • scholarships · librarians · awards officer
  • 28 results 
  • Capitol Tech Solutions  
  • 1225 8th St #425, Sacramento, CA 0.1 ft N
  • (916) 443-5395 ? ·
  • 2 reviews
  • "Capitol Tech Solutions provided us with a state of the art website for ..."
  • Communications Workers-America  
  • 1225 8th Street, Sacramento, CA 0.1 ft N
  • (916) 447-7500 ? ·
  • Snider Melanie Law Offices of  
  • 1225 8th Street, Sacramento, CA 0.1 ft N
  • (916) 447-7681 ?
  • This place is permanently closed.
  • Public Advocates Inc  
  • 1225 8th St # 430, Sacramento, CA 0.1 ft N
  • (916) 442-3385 ? ·
  • California Building Officials  
  • 1225 8th St # 425, Sacramento, CA 0.1 ft N
  • (916) 457-1103 ?
  • California Association Mtg  
  • 1225 8th Street, Sacramento, CA 0.1 ft N
  • (916) 448-8236 ?
  • Jericho Education & Voice  
  • 1225 8th Street, Sacramento, CA 0.1 ft N
  • (916) 441-0387 ?
  • The Wheeler Co., LLC  
  • 1225 8th St # 425, Sacramento, CA 0.1 ft N
  • (916) 442-3245 ? ·
  • Lindesmith Center Drug Policy  
  • 1225 8th St # 570, Sacramento, CA 0.1 ft N
  • (916) 444-3751 ?
  • Western Center On Law  
  • 1225 8th Street, Sacramento, CA 0.1 ft N
  • (916) 442-0753 ?
  • Mahoney & Tomlinson  
  • 1225 8th St # 240, Sacramento, CA 0.1 ft N
  • (916) 446-8080 ?
  • Training Toward Self Reliance  
  • 1225 8th Street, Sacramento, CA 0.1 ft N
  • (916) 446-0013 ?
  • Union of American Physicians  
  • 1225 8th St # 340, Sacramento, CA 0.1 ft N
  • (916) 442-6977 ?
  • Mahoney & Tomlinson: Farnsworth Sarah  
  • 1225 8th St # 240, Sacramento, CA 0.1 ft N
  • (916) 446-8080 ?
  • Martin Omoto & Associates  
  • 1225 8th St # 480, Sacramento, CA 0.1 ft N
  • (916) 443-2344 ?
  • Calif Labor Federation Afl Cio  
  • 1225 8th Street, Sacramento, CA 0.1 ft N
  • (916) 329-7459 ?
Finally, compare phone numbers to find organisation who registered domain. 

Do not believe what they are saying in this ad. The unions want to get rid of the initiative process in California because they are tired of the PEOPLE of California meddling in the business of government. Since the unions OWN the politicians in Sacramento, this is the final stage to shut out the people completely. Then they can raise our taxes without opposition. This is serious, folks. This is an attack on democracy, concealed as a group worried about identity theft. That is just meant to confuse you - and because you the voter are assumed to be STUPID.


Update: August 4, 2011 Just heard on John & Ken that the Union Thugs try to interfere with the petition gathering - approaching the petition gatherers and offering to buy the signatures for more money. They also pull little tricks like getting their members to stand in front of the table, and interrupt as loudly and rudely as they can. Additionally, a union member will pose as a shopper and will complain to the store manager that the petition gatherers are being disruptive and are pestering people.

Finally, union members will purposely sign a petition multiple times, because for every single duplicate signature found, the initiative is penalized 1,000 signatures. This is what you are supporting in California when you vote for Democrats. They are ALL owned by the unions. And, the union is now trying to buy a few Republicans - then they will have the 2/3 majority and can raise our taxes unabated.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fullerton Police Should Be Charged With Murder

This is what a police state looks like. This man had schizophrenia and was living on the streets. His father is a former sheriff's deputy and says his crime was "Contempt Of Cop" which means, if you piss off the police, they just might decide to kill you. There were 6 cops beating him up. He weighed 135 pounds. 6 cops, one mentally ill, 135 lb homeless guy. Do not accept any explanation or excuse from the police for why this is OK. It is not even clear whether this man was the person who brought the police in the first place to investigate a report of someone breaking into cars.

But even if he was, are we to believe that 6 police officers cannot manage to arrest somebody without killing them? Listen to the audio of the beating. Listen to the man screaming for his life, calling for his father. Hear the taser and the screams. 5 times. Sickening.


Update September 21st, 2011 - Officer Manuel Ramos will be charged with second-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter. Cpl. Jay Cicinelli will be charged with involuntary manslaughter and use of excessive force. Thank God. Read about it here at, The site that brought this to light. Please note that if it had not been for Fullerton's Future and KFI's John & Ken, and of course Ron Thomas, Kelly Thomas' father, this might have been swept under the rug. Thank God the Fullerton DA did the right thing.

Update July 28, 2011 - Only One Person has come forward to give an eyewitness account, according to the witness who spoke earlier today with John & Ken on KFI's John & Ken Show. John & Ken seem to be the only ones who are willing to speak out against this horrific murder (beside the eyewitness and the victim's father.) If you read this, and you do not do something, about it, you will regret it. Do not wait until this happens to somebody you love.

Absolute Insanity - Stop This NOW

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Fourth Turning - Called It

This is Chapter 10 of the book, page 273, which says the following as one of the scenarios that might happen, straight from the book.
An impasse over the federal budget reaches a stalemate. The president and Congress both refuse to back down, triggering a near-total government shutdown. The president declares emergency powers. Congress rescinds his authority. Dollar and bond prices plummet. The president threatens to stop Social Security checks. Congress refuses to raise the debt ceiling. Default looms. Wall Street panics.

This Book Was Written In 1995. The Fourth Turning: An American Prophecy - What the Cycles of History Tell Us About America's Next Rendezvous with Destiny


Friday, July 22, 2011

TJ Speaks

“I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” -- Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Things He Carried - The Atlantic

The Things He Carried - The Atlantic

Security Theater - an elaborate drama designed to catch stupid terrorists and harass law abiding citizens, as well as a colossal waste of money.

A well written, funny exposé of our airport security system.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Voter Fraud - It's Real

If you think this doesn't concern you, think again. We should not have software counting our votes that we are not entitled to look at. We shouldn't force them to show us the code, we should just hire a company that does not have a problem with it. Or we should just go back to hand counting. Tedious, but worth it.


PS: Since the first testimony by the computer programmer appears to be in front of an actual court, with real people of authority asking questions, it seems that vote rigging is a real possibility... so why isn't this front page news on every newspaper across the country? If we can't trust our elections, we have nothing. Is your newspaper telling you the things that you really need to know?

Pay Your MUNI Fare Or Die

San Francisco Police shoot 19 year old boy 6 times for not paying MUNI fare. This boy is somebody's son. Watch him die. I dare you.


My New Heroine - Free Yukari Miyamae

Right Back @ U TSA
This is what I love about this country - and it never ceases to amaze me how sometimes courage and resistance comes from the last person you would expect it to. Out of how many millions of people flying in US Airspace, Yukari Miyamae is the one who finally says enough is enough. The bravest civilian in America award goes to her, hands down.


Monday, July 18, 2011

De-Fund The UC Reason #2

A very smart lady by the name of HEATHER MAC DONALD looked into some of the absurdities passing for higher education at California's laughing-stock University system.


UC San Diego is adding diversity fat even as it snuffs out substantive academic programs. In March, the Academic Senate decided that the school would no longer offer a master’s degree in electrical and computer engineering; it also eliminated a master’s program in comparative literature and courses in French, German, Spanish, and English literature.
Not only have diversity sinecures been protected from budget cuts, their numbers are actually growing. The University of California at San Diego, for example, is creating a new full-time “vice chancellor for equity, diversity, and inclusion.” This position would augment UC San Diego’s already massive diversity apparatus, which includes the Chancellor’s Diversity Office, the associate vice chancellor for faculty equity, the assistant vice chancellor for diversity, the faculty equity advisors, the graduate diversity coordinators, the staff diversity liaison, the undergraduate student diversity liaison, the graduate student diversity liaison, the chief diversity officer, the director of development for diversity initiatives, the Office of Academic Diversity and Equal Opportunity, the Committee on Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Issues, the Committee on the Status of Women, the Campus Council on Climate, Culture and Inclusion, the Diversity Council, and the directors of the Cross-Cultural Center, the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resource Center, and the Women’s Center.
This is what California taxes is funding. You think this is a good investment? You think this is going to help us compete? They are systematically dismantling a what used to be a top-notch university system. These idiots running the system are destroying our future with the race to the bottom they are currently engaged in. Skin color or who you like to have sex with is not a valid criteria for anything, least of all entrance to a university or a position working there!

Fools, we have FOOLs running our universities. YOU IDIOTS! GET A CLUE. MORONS!


Social Justice With Blinders On - Until The Bulldozers Get There

You can't want what you don't see. I suppose that was the justification for "Aktion Ungeziefer" or "Operation Vermin" or maybe they were afraid the villagers would constantly try to escape their little dose of social justice, by running off to West Germany. Whatever the reason, the East Germans decided that a number of little villages were too close to the border of the less enlightened West Germans, so over a period of about 20 years, the citizens of the villages were driven out and the villages themselves were leveled.

One of these villages was founded in the 1300s. Imagine what the village of Stresow had survived in the 600 years before it made the acquaintance of the enlightened social justice pushers. This is all that remains now of that little village:
A memorial to the village of Stresow, destroyed by the communists so that they could be sure the former residents would not be too close to rich, fun, much nicer with lots to do and see and eat and buy West Germany.

Reminds me somewhat of the behavior of another enlightened bunch, the Taliban, who blew up some 3000 year old Buddhist statues because... well they are just that smart I guess.

Just in case you went for a walk in the woods and managed to get lost, the social justice pushers had a plan to help you. In fact, that was one of their biggest concerns, it literally kept them up at night; they were consumed with the fear that their darling fellow citizens would go for a walk in the woods and get lost. So they came up with a system to protect them:

They built little Rapunzel towers every mile or so across the entire DDR and put a few soldiers in each of them so they could help you find your way back to the world of social justice. Generally, people quickly regained their sense of direction once they came across a Rapunzel tower such as the one above in the picture. If not, the soldiers in the tower were happy to help you out by shooting you dead as a door nail. Then you never had to worry about getting lost in the forest again.

The End.

Nighty Nite.


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Social Justice - What It Really Looks Like - Personal Stories From The DDR

The following is my own translation of an article entitled : Zwangsadoption: "Ich habe es aus der Adoptions-Akte erfahren!" I'll do the best I can at translating, but it will probably not be perfect.

Forced Adoption - "I found out about it from the adoption file"

Stassi separates mother from her children

Little Katrin was just four years old when she and her seven year old brother were shopping at the open air market with their mother when they were suddenly surrounded by a group of Stasi-Men dressed in black. The Stasi arrested her young mother on this morning in 1971. She was accused of having contact with people who were known to want to leave East Germany and who were considered anti-social.

by Kerstin Kraska-Lüdecke

The children cried and were afraid. "I'll be back tonight", promised the mother as she was led away. A woman from Child Protective Services stepped out of the group of Stasi-people and took the frightened children to their grandmother. The next day, Katrin and her brother were put in an orphanage. It would be 19 years before Katrin would see her mother again.

Life In The Orphanage

Katrin remained in the orphanage for several months. She was assigned to a foster family on two different occasions, but for various reasons, could not stay. "I was brought to a family that took care of me for awhile." I learned later that the only reason for this was to separate me from my brother who was in a home for school-age kids was, while I was in one for pre-schoolers." tells the now 42 year old woman  After that, the girl was assigned to a single lady pediatrician. But she wasn't able to deal with the little girl. So Katrin was now six years old and still in the orphanage. One day her Grandmother came to visit and told her that it was over, and she had only one last chance to get along with the third family. "If this doesn't work out, you will have to stay in the orphanage!" "Even though I was still very young, I saw the seriousness of the situation", said Katrin Behr later.

Second Class Child

She wasn't very happy in the orphanage because one of her caretakers treated her as a "child of a traitor" very badly. So she went to her new family, who at first were very good to her and adopted her when she was 8. The relationship to the new mother changed a few years later, however, when the mother had a baby of her own. "Then I was always treated as a second class child" remembers the now 42 year-old. From a social perspective I was well taken care of, had everything that I needed - but emotionally it lacked a sense of warmth.

Katrin's adoptive mother, a teacher and state secretary raised her as a socialist. The rules were strict. When Katrin didn't follow them, it hailed punishment. Her new "Dad" kept out of all matters concerning her upbringing, even when she appealed to him for help. "Later on his deathbed, he apologized to me for not sticking up for me more", says Katrin.

Occasionally, Katrin would ask about her real mother. Katrin got to hear that her real mother was unreliable, didn't take good care of her children. Katrin could not believe this, because she remembered her mother as a very loving and caring woman. But, she didn't know whether she could trust her memories or feelings. She grew up with this uncertainty and the many unanswered questions. She finished school at the 10th grade and studied to be a nurse. Katrin married at 19 and had a baby girl, who today is already 21. Two years later, she had a son.

Reunited After 19 Years

In November of 1989 came the change, and the wall fell. Now Katrin finally saw the chance to find out more about her own family and real mother. It took some time, but then she found the address of her "real" mother, who as it turned out, also lived in Thüringen. "I carried my mother's address around with me for an entire year, but couldn't find the courage to go visit her." says Katrin. Not until 1991 was she finally able to write a letter. The happy reply from her mother came just two days later: She is ecstatic, has been waiting so long for the moment when her daughter would finally get in touch. Katrin was relieved. She decided to surprise her "mama" and visit her over Easter.

Together with her own little family, Katrin drove off into the unknown. Seeing her mother, who was ripped away from her 19 years earlier, was bittersweet. "On one hand it was wonderful, but on the other I was aghast because my mother was a complete stranger to me." Says the Thüringerin. We greeted one another completely normally, hugged, and talked. It wasn't as dramatic as it is on TV.

Katrin admits she would not have recognized her mother if she were to pass her on the street. But her mother knew immediately that her little girl from long ago stood before her. The two talked at great length on this day, telling each other about their lives, which they were forced to live apart from each other. Katrin was curious and wanted to finally know what really happened. She learned that her mother had spent the next 11 months in jail. After her release, she broke one of the conditions of her parole, to never set foot in her home town of Gera. She was promptly sent to jail for another 3.5 years.

After her second release, the mother tried everything to be able to hold her two children in her arms again. She wrote multiple letters to the Child Protective Services office in charge, asked The Ministry Of Internal Affairs for help, as well as the Youth-help. Without success. "She never had a chance of getting her children back", knows Katrin now.


"Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery." Winston Churchill

Today, Socialism is called "Progressive"

They will never admit that, of course, they are not stupid. The ends justify the means.


On Eliminating 25 Million Americans, And By Eliminate I Mean Kill - Friends Of Obama The Media Forgot To Mention

Bill Ayers, the guy who wanted to eliminate 25 million Americans, was given a professorship at the University of Chicago. His scumbag, cockroach of a wife, Bernadine Dohrn is currently a professor at Northwestern University. These are people who sat around contemplating mass murder of people who could not be "re-educated" in the re-education camps they planned in the Southwest. This is the kind of filth we have teaching at our Universities and Colleges. Would be Hitlers and Stalins, just incompetent. And they are incompetent, make no mistake about that, they know how to criticize, complain and destroy, but could not build a dog house if their lives depended on it.

This is what passes for intellectual now in this country, and it has been re-branded as "Progressive". With people like these infesting our elite learning institutions, is it any wonder that the country is going to Hell in a hand basket? These are the people preaching "Tolerance" or else they'll put you on the list for destruction.

They are counting on the fact that you will pooh-pooh this as fear mongering. But before you do, remember that these people are also running the country. They are just waiting for the opportunity of a large enough crisis, because then you won't object too violently to the imposition of martial law - as it will be for "your protection". Like they tell you the feel-up at the airport is for your protection. It is not. It is to demoralize and degrade you into submission. Little by little, a bit at a time, just like living with an abusive husband, wife, parent... no matter how bad it gets, you doubt yourself, not the situation.

Arm yourselves, America. This is going to get far worse and there is no longer any guarantee that it will actually get better.


Friday, July 15, 2011

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's wealth grows 62% to $35.2M, Boehner, Reid's worth increases too

Just in case you are wondering who is benefiting from all of the stimulus money, keep an eye on your politicians. You know the ones who are so very concerned with spending your money and helping "the poor". Keep working America, there are a lot of people in the world that Nancy Pelosi wants to help with your money.

The stock market will continue to rise, until it crashes, because everybody knows QE3 is coming. It has to, there is no alternative. QEs cause the stock market to rally, and will also cause the metals to go up.

Here in California, the Comrades in charge are making sure their salaries remain fat, their benefits fatter, and the Hoi Polloi keeps working, and paying more. Get used to that. The Comrades will always look out for themselves first - Cal State San Diego just hired a chancellor at $400+K per year, which is $100K more than the last guy made. The trustees voted to approve this on the same day they announced at tuition increase for students.

Then, consider the growth that has taken place in the CSU system. Comparing 1980 employment levels with current employment levels, we find that there were 11,520 faculty employed in 1980 (faculty are the professors who know stuff and teach it to students) and 14,651 staff - administrative support. In 2010, we have 12,019 faculty smarties and 21,777 administrative types.

Isn't that hilarious?

I think that is hilarious. It is gut-bursting funny when one considers that over this time span, the personal computer went from being a large, cumbersome, oddity in 1980, to a ubiquitous tool purported to bring astounding new efficiency to ... administrative busy work... in present day.

I am sure they will continue to make "the tough choices" necessary to continue enriching their fellow Comrades. That is the way it always is. The old get rich plan for the incompetent and stupid.


PS - Don't worry, you will not be left out... you get to pay their pensions when they retire.

More than 50% of Americans receive more in federal benefits than they pay in taxes. Any time the majority is voting with the minority's checkbook, we'll see the same result…

Thursday, July 14, 2011

On Moody's, Standard & Poor's And Debt Ratings

I simply cannot wait to hear what the clowns at the "ratings agencies" have to say about US Treasuries. It is very important that we all listen very carefully and then run around screaming our little heads off and flogging ourselves wildly if Moody's and Standard & Poor's downgrades US debt.

Then we will be quite sure that we are the biggest idiots on the planet for still giving the time of day to these Ponzi-scheme Peters. This should help the economy, since the claim is "uncertainty" is hurting the recovery. By helping provide certainty, which we will be doing, we might very well wake up in the morning and discover the streets have been paved with gold and all of our wishes come true at a blink of an eye.

No matter how badly people screw up, don't get the wild idea that they should be replaced, and if they lie to you, cheat and rob you, continue to do whatever they ask and continue to believe what they say. Hang on every utterance and news release from the experts as if your very life dependent on it, because lord knows, they will have surely learned their lessons this time and will not do it again.

Track records mean nothing, reputations are for ninnies, experience gives your wrinkles and exhaling kills polar bears. Those are rules to live by folks!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Remain Anonymous? Phase 2 - Revolution... Is Anybody Paying Attention?

I wish somebody would stop by and explain this to me. Not that I have anything against power to the people, or love the nanny state which is quickly becoming the police state... It's just that I don't want chaos to break out and for people to get hurt. That's no fun. Be nice, anonymous, be kind, and be well.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Killing The California Economy, One Sector At A Time

The Amazon Tax: Already Not Working

The so-called “Amazon Tax” is now California law, and it’s already not working. After having terminated their advertising relationships with thousands of California-based Internet businesses called "affiliates, leading out-of-state online sellers continue to sell into California without collecting the sales tax.

Proponents of the “Amazon Tax” claimed it would “create fairness” by “leveling the playing field” between California’s brick and mortar retailers and out-of-state online sellers. They claimed it would generate $200 million in new revenues for the state this year. But they were wrong.

So far all of the following online sellers have terminated their affiliate programs (if you know of others, please let me know):

·         B&H Photo & Electronics Corp.
·         Backcountry
·         Beach Trading Co.
·         BedBathStore
·         Benchmark Brands Inc.
·         CSN Stores
·         Gaiam
·         Hayneedle
·         Higher Power Inc.
·         Muscle and Strength
·         Northern Tool
·         Overton's
·         PC Connection
·         Potpourri Group
·         Quidsi
·         Shoebuy, Inc.
·         Shopbop
·         The Tire Rack
·         Total Gym
·         Wine Enthusiast

Each affiliate program termination represents multiple lost jobs and significant lost income for California--losses that could have been avoided with a little commonsense. These losses will grow even larger as affiliate businesses pack their bags and move to more business-friendly states.

What I've Been Saying...

I've been warning for months that "Amazon Tax" legislation would backfire. Unfortunately these warning fell on deaf ears. Here's a video of one of my recent interviews on this topic. (Click the photo below to watch.)

You might also take a look at these resources:

·         Veto request letter (6/17/11)
·         "Unintended Consequences" op-ed (3/9/11)

What Others Are Saying...

All the people I know who were Amazon associates were people with limited income struggling to get by: laid-off teachers and workers, work-at-home moms, seniors feeling the pinch, students struggling to find jobs or make ends meet, and people with health problems who could work from home even if they couldn't work 9 to 5… This just isn't fair.
- Ellen, Orange County business owner

My business has been hurt by this ridiculous bill. Tons of people in my position are scrambling to figure what to do… For the first time, moving out of CA is appealing to me.
- Kevin, California e-business owner

I have already been terminated by five advertisers. I’ve been doing this for 10 years now, and I'm putting two kids through college. I don't really have the option to start job hunting. If I have to move Timbuktu or Hong Kong, that's what I'll do. 
- Jennifer, California blogger and e-business owner

Essentially this is a California small business tax, so ultimately it hurts businesses like ours. When Illinois passed this law, all the major players in our industry moved out of the state. I'm afraid this will have a similar impact on California and cause the tech industry to migrate to other states. 
 - Loren Bendele,

[We're considering] everything from layoffs, at least a freeze in hiring -and we're a business that has been growing and hiring over the last few years-, all the way up to leaving the state.
- Rob Smahl,

Right now, 25% of our business is online, and half of that is Amazon. If we don't have Amazon it would seriously impact our business. It would make it difficult to remain open as a bookstore.
- Michael Smythe, San Diego bookstore manager

A number of merchants have let us know that as long as we remain a California affiliate, they cannot do business with us, so we are looking into alternatives, including moving some or all of our operations out of state and changing the way we do business. Without this, we'd be growing rapidly in San Francisco. 
- Oliver Roup, founder of VigLink

So far we have received termination notifications from just over 100 of our merchant partners. However, we expect this number to increase over the coming weeks as more merchants receive word from their legal teams that they must sever their ties with California affiliates.
- Alex Caldwell,

Business owners and entrepreneurs are already leaving California in droves, and now you'll see career affiliates jumping on that bandwagon. They won't have a choice. Here in Texas I regularly joke that there are more cars with California plates than Texas plates on the road, and that's exactly due to California's anti-business climate that just keeps getting worse.
- Frank Rumbauskas, best-selling author

The only people hurt by this ham-fisted money grab are the affiliates — mainly small businesses that help Amazon and other Web retailers sell their products for a small commission.  

This scheme will result in less income and fewer jobs for countless California entrepreneurs, who up to now have enjoyed commissions from their affiliation with retailers like Amazon.  

The sad thing is that all of this was predictable, because it has played out in other states where lawsuits have been filed and very little if any extra tax revenue has come in from what has been dubbed ‘The Amazon Tax.’ 

Their decisions won't prevent Californians from buying from Amazon and other online retailers. But they will affect organizations like the California State Military Museum, which earned about $2,000 a year as an Amazon affiliate. 

...the Phoenix area also has been getting more inquiries over the past two months from e-commerce "affiliates" in California that are interested in relocating to the Phoenix area. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Jamiels Law in 2011 28 - Deport llegal alien gangs 07/10 by JamielsLaw | Blog Talk Radio

Jamiels Law in 2011 28 - Deport llegal alien gangs 07/10 by JamielsLaw | Blog Talk Radio

The Bad Things That Happen When You Neglect Your Husband

He leaves.

Serves me right for not following my own stupid advice. How's that for a pickle? I am not a happy camper. I think I have been in shock since he left, and by left, I mean emotionally because he is still in the same physical location, but I packed up a strange assortment of clothing items, including my new Prada Capri's and several other designer scores I found super-cheap on clearance at YOOX, and stormed off in the middle of the night heading for our cabin in the mountains.

I made it as far as the Denny's just below the grapevine on Highway 5 - at that point the adrenaline wore off and I could barely keep my eyes open. Despite the brief temptation to continue driving which would most likely have resulted in my untimely death in a fiery collision, and a lifelong of regret for my husband who would realize his mistake and spend his remaining days pining for me on Highway 5, I pulled off and slept for a few hours in the Denny's parking lot. I really like that parking lot.

So anyway, when I woke up, I had knocked the back door button with my knee and it was wide open. Nothing bad had happened because of this, but it freaked me out a bit, so if you find yourself in a similar situation, be careful about that stupid button.

This all happened a few weeks ago and like I said, I am sort of in denial and am trying to figure out what Scarlett O'Hara would do. I am pretty sure she would have spent absolutely NO time in a Denny's parking lot, so perhaps that is why I am having such difficulty channeling my inner Scarlett.

Right now, I am going to go back to bed and pout. I am getting really good at that. It's also the easiest thing to do when you pack like I do, because as I failed to mention before, every last item of new clothing I had purchased on YOOX is at least 2 sizes too small. I knew this when I bought them, but I belong to the club of women who buy clothing in my imagined size, and then spend the next several months trying to adjust my body to fit into them. To complicate matters further, the front part of the cabin is in disrepair do to an incident with the water heater and since they had to unplug the washer and dryer and move both into the living room to fix the floor, the few items I have that do fit are so dirty I can't stand the sight of them.

I have not seen hide nor hair of the handy-man who came by and picked up his check with the promise to come back once it had cleared and finish the job since, so for now my options are pretty limited. Last Thursday I bought a new washer and dryer in desperation and paid $99 extra for white glove service so they will carry it into the house and put it in the proper location, but they haven't arrived yet.

But you can see how I am stacking the future in my favor, right? I now have 3 distinct possible outcomes where I obtain clean clothing and the ability to get out of bed. a) the handyman returns, puts in the floor and the old washer/dryer and I can wash my clothes, b) the new washer/dryer arrive and by some miracle I manage to hook them both up and am able to wash my clothes, or c) my loss of appetite due to my miserable circumstances causes the body adjustments required for me to run around up here in the mountains in my designer duds.

I have always been the practical sort.

Wish me luck.


Saturday, July 09, 2011

Will Blacks Save America?

I don't fully understand the reasons why this appears to be the case, but if I were to speculate, I would say that adversity builds character, and I guess blacks in this country have seen their share of adversity. By writing this, I don't mean to diminish the efforts of anybody else (who appear on earth in other colors) in fighting the destructive onslaught against the pillars of society, but I am pleasantly surprised at the number of black Americans who are standing up and speaking out for their values, which happen to be the same as mine.

The immediate impetus for my writing this particular blog post is a certain Liberal Democratic Senator from New York named Ruben Diaz. I know, I have not written very much that is favorable about Democrats lately, but I try to call them as I see them, and Senator Diaz has guts and character and I admire that.

What a remarkable thing it is today for a politician to actually stand up and disagree with the herd while it is frantically stampeding towards the the politically correct coral. Senator Diaz has the courage to hazard the attention of the politically correct war machine by standing firm for what he believes. I am afraid to look to closely at his other policies, because I probably won't like them, and for now, I just want to thank Senator Diaz for being the lone, loud voice of opposition to the state of New York's same sex marriage farce.

I say farce because that is what it is when two people of the same sex get married. They can't and everybody knows this, because only two people of the opposite sex, or a few people where at least two are of the opposite sex, can create something which can realistically be considered marriage. I am not wild about the multi-marriage scenario, but it fits the universally accepted criteria of marriage, which is the theoretical ability to pro-create and produce viable offspring within the marriage.

No matter how loudly they shout, proponents for the farcical marriage scenario will never be able to claim this. There should be no so-called "marriage equality" because homo and heterosexual pairings are NOT equal, and it is a blatant lie or delusion to assert otherwise. I believe it is not a good idea to codify blatant lies and delusions as laws. I think many people agree with me, but most are not willing to incur the aforementioned wrath and the headaches which accompany it, and thus remain silent. They will ultimately recognize the folly of this, but that is still a few years away, at least. So, hats off to you Senator Diaz, for standing up and saying loudly that the emperor has no clothes.

I have written before about some of the other black Americans who are standing firm against a tide of opposition from within their own communities and the entrenched, corrupt power structure. Just because I do not want to miss an opportunity to give them a mention, they are Ted Hayes a true American rebel, Althea Shaw, Jamiel Shaw and the rest of the Shaw family who continue to fight for Jamiel's law to bring justice for their murdered son, and family member, and ultimately justice for the rest of us who are just sitting around letting lawlessness rule our land, and Channel founder of


PS, I apologize for the somewhat pandering title.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Sit On It And/Or Go Soak Your Head United Nations

Just for the record, when did the UN get the idea that they are the boss of us? They can go ahead and make a fuss about Texas, if they like, but anybody who says "the execution undermines the international court", needs to pinch themselves and wake up. Self-appointed rulers of the world, not wanted here - the international court needs to be undermined. Every day. Just after you brush your teeth in the morning, undermine the international court of justice. You'll be glad you did.

A note to politicians: stop signing these stupid agreements with the UN. We have enough trouble keeping you turkeys in line, don't you DARE try to add more Nannies to the mix. I am so bloody sick of all of these idiots trying to tell everybody what to do. Go soak your collective heads.



Thursday, July 07, 2011

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Sharia Creep In Canada - Muslim Lunchtime Prayer Session In Cafeteria, Girls At The Back Of The Bus

How this works: Islam will be imposed in baby steps, with each step being "no big deal". Once the general population has become accustomed to the last assault on their own culture, the next one will begin. This will continue until Sharia law is the de facto law of the land, and it will be "just a formality' to enshrine it into the official law.

The school in Canada allows an Imam to show up at lunchtime, and hold prayer sessions in the school cafeteria. Girls must sit behind boys. Where are the feminists? The loud, shrill cackling of militant female voices decrying the subjugation of girls is strangely absent. Equal rights for women is not a universal right, but one granted to women at the discretion of men and their chosen culture?

If we do not fight this every step of the way, nip it in the bud, we are going to be in big trouble. No society can be everything to everyone. You either take a stand, or you lose.


Tuesday, July 05, 2011

$838,000 Earned By Prison Shrink Last Year In California

If anybody is wondering why the state of California is so desperate to raise our taxes, (killing thousands of California affiliate businesses in the process), paying nearly $1 million for a prison shrink is maybe one of the reasons. Also, that stem cell research proposition we voted in to the tune of $3 Billion, is being squandered on the well-connected.. The salaries of the top 2 doctors of a firm benefiting from that money are earning almost $1,000,000 a year, and a part-time investment banker is getting $400,000.

I hope you are working very hard so that you can pay your taxes and all the $1 Million salaries we have authorized. I bet that money for stem-cell research is borrowed, too.



Saturday, July 02, 2011

Important Information About the Total Gym Affiliate Program

 Dear xxxx,

Thank you for your participation in the Total Gym Affiliate Program in Commission Junction. We greatly appreciate all of the hard-work and effort you have put forth to make our program a success. Unfortunately, due to recent state legislation in California, we are forced to remove all affiliates located in the state.

Today, June 29, 2011, your account has been expired from our Commission Junction program. Your links will remain active for the next 7 days, in accordance with Commission Junction procedures. However, we urge you to take down all banners, text links, etc. from your sites immediately.

Please note, if the location of your business changes, please feel free to reapply to our program.

If circumstances do change, we will notify you. We sincerely wish you the best in all of your future endeavors.


The Total Gym Affiliate Team
115 West 30th St. Suite 900
New York, NY, 10001
212-981-2700 x221