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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

California State Senate Just Voted For Free College Education For Illegal Aliens

This bill establishes the California Dream Act  of 2011 which expands the existing exemption from non-resident tuition established by AB 540 (Firebaugh), Chapter 814, Statutes of 2001, to include students who graduate from technical schools and adult schools and, beginning July 1, 2012, expands eligibility for financial aid benefits to all students exempt from paying non-resident tuition under AB 540.
Keep in mind that ALL of the Public Universities and Colleges in California continue to flout the "No Affirmative Action" law that voters enacted, using diversity as their excuse, so Hispanics have an advantage - for no good reason, since Affirmative Action was meant to help black Americans heal the damage done to them by slavery, and then being deemed second class citizens for most of recent history.

The Hispanics had NO right to usurp this from black Americans, and there is no justification for admitting a Hispanic over any other kid just based on the fact that he or she is Hispanic. This is thievery plain and simple. Mexicans are stealing our kids' future right out from under our noses, with the help of the people we elect, and with the help of the colleges and universities which we pay for. This is disgusting, This is not representative government, this is a coup d'etat.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Turn Off Your Television

The corporate/state run media is lying to you. They have their own agenda, and they are brainwashing you. Since I stopped watching television, I started to think again. We are in very dangerous times right now, and you need to have some idea of what is going on. It is not easy to find a reliable news source, you have to get used to fact checking yourself. Many articles appear to be planted in the Messed Up Media which are designed to deflect attention from something they don't want you to know.

I don't claim to know who is responsible for this, but I am quite sure it is happening. I used to believe that conspiracies are unlikely, because somebody will always talk. That is no longer valid, however, because even if somebody talks, the media will not report it, and if somebody does report it, nobody will believe it and the media will go to work making the reporter out to be a lunatic.

This basically allows the bad guys to get away with even the most outrageous acts, because the more outrageous the act, the easier it is to defame anybody who talks about it. I don't care what political persuasion you are, I would expect you would want to base your views and draw your conclusions based on some approximation of the truth.

Cancel your subscriptions to major newspapers, hit them where it hurts. Demand the truth. Demand that they fire the cutesy pea-brains who squawk at you morning, noon and night. You need to know the truth.


Gil Cedillo Should be Charged With Treason

I have had enough of this. These scumbags are trying to take over this state, are destroying the schools, cities and quality of life. I do not care about whatever hardships the Mexican, and yes specifically Mexican, ILLEGAL ALIENS have suffered, I want them OUT OF MY COUNTRY NOW.

State parasite Gil Cedillo is not an American, he is an agitator and agent for Mexico, and he should be charged with treason and thrown in jail, stripped of citizenship and finally deported. He has no respect for this country and sees it only as something to be exploited for his own countrymen - Mexicans.

We sit here and let them walk all over us like we do not have a right to anything. It is time we fight back, hard. We must insist on deporting every single illegal alien from Mexico currently present in this country, beef up the border control and arm them with the largest weapons money can buy.

You idiots are not being nice or moral, you are allowing a foreign enemy to destroy this country and you are going to leave a crap-hole for your children to live in. One just like Mexico itself. Where corruption and violence rules and death and mayhem are part of daily life. Get some fricking backbone and stand up for yourself. If you won't do that, stand up for your children. Get mad, Get it done.


Monday, August 29, 2011

California's Brilliant Global Warming Final Solutions Act - Puts The State In Competition With Michigan - For Last Place

Governor Brown attended the Illinois School Of Forcing People To Live Within What He is Willing To Let-You-Keep-Type Means - The Very Jerry Way Of Life Has The Entire Population  Of California Sitting On A Cushion And Chanting OOOOHHHHHMMMM - only taking a break when the butler comes to serve a lunch of politically correct du Jour - oh wait, that's for him - we get to eat the cushion.

In 2009, California had 12,529 new business establishments and in 2010, it lost a net 4,632 establishments. Only Michigan was worst, losing 5,480. (The list includes Washington D.C., which ranks 13th in new-business creation.) In all, 29 states had a net decline in startups in 2010. EMSI singles out California in its report: “California’s economic woes and instability have been well-documented, and this data make another case for how bad things have gotten there. California had the most net new business establishments in 2009 (more than 12,500) and 2008 (32,000+); in fact, it ranked either first or second from 2001 to 2009.”
My Analysis of the California Situation:, der die der...duhhhhhhh, I from California, der duh der die der.....Butterfly pretttttyyyy...

I mean look at this picture! Do you see why I am starting to believe in conspiracies? Like there is some sort of scheme to collapse the US and usher in the New World Order? Nobody can be so incredibly stupid, moronic, borderline retarded to raise taxes on a place that looks like this. Maybe there is one guy who is that dumb who has managed to weasel his way into government, but he spends most of his time bumping into the same pillar, and thus has very little time to raise taxes. It MUST be a conspiracy. Anyway, we have our own such conspiracy here in California, plus it seems, a governor who feels that the people of California have done him some unpardonable wrong, and now he is back, like the Joker, or Dr. Evil to exact his revenge...bwaa haaa haaa haaa (evil very Jerry laugh) to make us suffer under long since disproven public policy and bad corduroy. Oh The Horror. Why Jerry Why? I was just a kid when you were last governor - why must you ruin what used to be a perfectly nice place to live?
Detroit - (Photo from


Al Gore Could Become World's First Carbon Billionaire - UK Newspaper Reports

It goes like this:

  1. Al Gore's Company, Generation Investment Management LLP together with Kleiner Perkins invest in Silver Spring Networks Generation Investment Management, LLP Headquartered at: One Vine Street London W1J 0AH U.K., Main: +44 (0) 207 534 4700, Fax: +44 (0) 207 534 4701
  2. US Energy Department then announces $3.4 billion in smart grid grants a good portion of which finds its way to Silver Spring Networks.
I found it interesting that one of the stated goals of Al Gore's company is something called "Demand Destruction" which is when demand for a good or service declines, usually due to an increase in its price.

This guy is one of the biggest crooks of the century.


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Kids - Your Future Is You - Not Government, Not Your Parents

I always listen to the Charles Payne show on Saturdays - (on KFI) - I understand he has a show on Fox, but I don't watch it because I do not have a television set. Anyway, Charles was just talking about this strategy of "Divide and Conquer" which the left is currently using to create support for socking it to the so-called "rich" in the US. He said the message is that people who are successful are "fortunate" implying that it is a great deal of luck involved, like when someone wins the lottery.

When they say this, they are also implying that those who are not "fortunate" are that way through no fault of their own. But you already have the life experience to know that this is not true. When you are in school, you see how hard some students work - they always have their homework done, they stay home before tests and study, do the extra credit work, and generally put in more effort than everybody else - and usually this leads to those students achieving higher grades than other kids in the class who do not work as hard.

Well guess what? Nothing changes after you graduate. There will always be those that work harder, those that cheat, those that just do the bare minimum and those that drop out, though they will not necessarily be the same set from school, many people get it together later in life, or lose it completely.

So, my advice to you is to concentrate on what you can do with your own unique set of skills and talents - and don't wait for anybody to give you something. That just makes you dependent. Nowhere else in the world do people have the chance to really make something of themselves as they do here in the USA. This is still the case, despite all of the bad news. Learn everything you can, find out what you really like to do, and then go do it really, really well.

Do not believe that we are going to turn into Europe, with the government paying for everything. Europe is broke and so are we. Both systems are going to collapse and if we are lucky, we will be able to start fresh with a small, modest government to serve the people, rather than the other way around. Times are going to get scary, and you are going to have to hustle - right now you should be studying history like there is no tomorrow, unless you want to waste half your life repeating the mistakes of the past.

If we keep our wits about us and stay moral, principled people, we will pull through this very difficult period which will soon be upon us, and we can make America great once again. You are the next Great Generation, and you will be the ones to carry us forward. Good luck.


Law & Order In The UK - If The Police Run Away, Who Protects Me?

Why, The 2nd Amendment does, That's Who! (I hate guns, but I now understand the 2nd Amendment and the reason we need it. Hands OFF my 2nd Amendment, buster.)


Rick Perry Is Pro Illegal Alien Invasion - He Might As Well Be A Soviet

Once upon a time in America, the Democratic party would be the party Americans could turn to for help in protecting American jobs from imported cheap foreign labor. Now, the Democrats are busy trying to destroy America and bring about global rule to satisfy their lust for power. Rick Perry, is an old-fashioned business and profit oriented Republican. There would be nothing wrong with that if there were a party to represent the American middle class, and the American poor. Instead, what happens is business imports cheap labor by the millions, and the democrats form the receiving line to hand out every tax-payer funded benefit they can come up with.

As a result, Americans watch their wages drop, their taxes increase, and whatever government benefits they might have enjoyed squandered on the invaders. The invaders from third world countries bring diseases, socially backward customs and a violent criminal element which is rotting this country from the inside out.

The California public education system has been completely destroyed - those who run it spend most of their time catering to the invaders - a disinterested, non-English speaking majority in many areas of California. Meanwhile, every single Democrat in the California state legislature voted to hand over taxpayer funded scholarships to foreign nationals - which means there will be American citizens who will now get nothing.

Any politician who puts the interests of foreigners ahead of American citizens is a traitor and should be charged with treason. Any politician who wants to reward illegal behavior is not a patriotic American, because a patriotic American respects the rule of law as set forth in the Constitution, and said law is supposed to apply to everyone, equally. It doesn't matter if you can make more money by breaking the law and it doesn't matter if you can get more votes by breaking the law, by doing so, you make yourself a traitor to this country and are guilty of treason.

The penalty for treason can be death, and it is starting to look like that might be warranted  - as our entire government is falling over themselves to do everything for foreigners at the expense of the citizens. This isn't about whether or not you like Mexicans, it is about upholding the principles of democracy, fairness and the preservation of civilized, orderly society.

Lying, cheating and stealing is not the American way, and Rick Perry admits to all of those himself in the video above. Patriot, my ass.


Friday, August 26, 2011

More Americans Murdered By Illegal Aliens

On average each day 25 Americans die at the hands of criminal aliens in the United States
  1. Boston - "You know what happened in Milford on Saturday night. A totally smashed illegal from Ecuador is accused of running a stop sign and mowing down a 23-year-old American on a motorcycle, and then proceeding to drag him, screaming, under his truck for a quarter mile." Article

  2. Santa Rosa, CA Santa Rosa man charged in hit-run death of boy, 4 - Article

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Securing Our Communities - On The Southern Front

Nobody knows the true cost of illegal immigration better than the Shaw family of Los Angeles, whose bright, athletic, young son Jamiel was murdered in 2008 by an illegal alien gangster. The gangster had been just freshly released from prison the night before and just 24 hours later he chose to murder a black person. Not a black gang member, just any old black person would do - a strange phenomenon that occurs with regularity in Southern California, and also has the curious side effect of causing rapid blood coagulation in bleeding heart liberals. Nobody seems to care much about the fact that the Mexican invaders have an affinity for murdering black Americans. (They have the same in store for "whites", but the time is not yet ripe for that. That is not a commentary on all Mexicans, just a particularly nasty strain of reconquistas who are intent on implementing their plan of re-taking the fictitious Aztlan, (nothing to do with the Chronicles of Narnia))
His future was bright, now it is gone.

So when the forces of evil planned on descending on the Federal building in Los Angeles - to protest the "Secure Communities Act", a handful of patriotic Americans took time out of their busy schedules and got there first. Althea Shaw gave me permission to re-publish her account of their successful counter-demonstration, which is below. Remember that name: Althea Shaw - she is the aunt of the murdered Jamiel, and she is out on the front lines fighting for nothing more than law and order, insisting on right instead of wrong. Something she should not have to do, and would not have to do if every other Californian would live up to their obligation as a citizen of California and the USA. And if we somehow manage to peacefully hang on to California, you have people like Althea to thank - she is out there standing up for you, even if you are too stupid to realize it yet.

Althea Shaw's report:

Thank you to all who came out yesterday to Support the Secure Communities Rally in front of the Federal Building!! 

Special thank you to Barbara Coe and her group, Robin Hvidston and Kinya and her family!!  The Rally Supporting Secure Communities was a total success! 

Because our group arrived before the opposition, the Police Officers allowed us to have the area directly in front of the Federal Building.  In addition, we were directly in front of the media cameras.  Which they clearly were not happy with and hesitant to interview us!  

When the illegal aliens who oppose the  Secure Communities program finally arrived, they were forced to find another area down the street.  They were so mad they were not allowed to protest in front of the Federal building!  

This resulted in the media moving to follow the illegal's and the illegal's deciding to block the entrance to the Federal building, making it impossible for ICE buses to come in or go out.  Needless to say, some of the illegal aliens were arrested for this.

The media covering the rally yesterday and the illegal aliens in opposition to Secure Communities Program, were clearly not happy with Americans showing up.  There were a few times when the Police Officers had to keep our groups separated.  

The media and the illegal aliens had a look of, "who do you Americans think you are standing up for America?!  If I didn't see it with my own eyes, I would of thought we were the illegal aliens.   

Thank you again to ALL who took time out of their schedule to stand up for the Secure Communities Program in America!!  We look forward to the next rally.   

Pictures coming soon!

Althea Shaw,
Jamiel Shaw's Angry Aunt


In an absolute slap in the face to the California Taxpayer, your state legislators about to hand over my money and your money to illegal aliens. This is wrong, this is disgusting, this is unfair. The senate will pass it - every one of those slime bag, low life, scumbag, democrats will vote for this bill. You stupid fools who vote for them, don't you have any sense? You are throwing away your kids' futures with both hands. Money doesn't grow on trees, and you sit there and reward people who break the law, while denying American kids the chance to go to school.

Just don't come crying for government hand-outs when you lose your job and house. You spent yours already.


Call these hacks and tell them to shelve Gil Cedillo’s CA Dream Act AB 131! //Multiple phone numbers for Brown's Office.

The Governor's press office: 916-445-4571

Gone Solar

Despite what I have written in previous entries about the stupidity of California's environmental lunatics, I happen to be a fan of solar energy, and I think being less dependent on oil is a good thing. I just don't believe in burning my bridges before I cross them, or at all really. However, they are handing out free money at your local power utility, I got $10,000 towards my new solar system, so my out of pocket expense will be $8,300. Plus, they tell me I will get a $2,000 tax CREDIT, which the government cannot afford (see previous entries as to why).

All this will have the effect of substantially reducing my future electric bills, and possibly even earning me some money. This is going to look like pure genius when you see what will happen to your energy bills to pay for all of this. So, thanks for that - I sure didn't vote for this, but since you did, I might as well profit from it. I am going to toss the gas heating and gas stove, too - mostly to get Southwest Gas off my back.

Happy Heating!

Thanks for the free cash!


NATO Could Quite Possibly Suck

Just who do you think you are? God? Do we the people have any say left in this war machine we have unleashed on the world? I realize our media isn't worth the paper it is printed on, and has take to reporting on the wars we are waging as if they were a football game. Actually, that is unfair to the sports reporters because they do a far better job in ferreting out the background, motivations and strategies of the game than our so-called free press does when reporting on living and dying on planet earth.

Is this a case of all-dressed-up-and-nowhere-to-go? An alliance without a cause? Who gave NATO the right to take down Gaddafi? Is there a reason for this? You people are really starting to piss me off.



PS - Think this has nothing to do with being a housewife? I have a son who is of draftable age, and I do not like where this is headed. The time to prevent your boys from being returned to you in a coffin IS NOW.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


This is not about freedom for the Libyan people, and even if it were, it is none of our business. I can think of many better uses for the billions we are wasting. Also, why does Goldman Sachs seem to have its dirty fingers in absolutely everything? If we had a real press in this country, we might have a better idea of who is going to make money on this "war-let". But I guarantee that it is not related to anything commonly considered to be moral or just. Wars cost money people. Lots of money. Your money. What are you getting out of the deal?


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Europe's Youth Wisen Up - And Get Pissed Off

In this age group, unemployment is running 40 - 50%. Young adults are forced to live with their parents. All the resources are being consumed by the big, fat welfare state, absurd immigration and environmental policies, put in place by their faux-moralled, navel-contemplating parents. Which produces Sans emploi...keine hay trabajo...No posti di lavoro. They took their Jobs!

Steht auf, wenn ihr eine Zukunft wollt - Stand Up, If You Want A Future


Das Gefühl, bluten zu müssen für die jahrzehntelange Überschuldung ihres jeweiligen Landes und selbst nie mehr in den Genuss des Sozialstaates zu kommen, der der Elterngeneration ein angenehmes Leben bescherte, gibt den Protesten einen großen Teil seiner Wucht. - The sense that they are made to bleed for the decade-long deficit spending of their own respective countries while they themselves will never enjoy the benefits of the welfare state, which gave their parents' generation a comfortable life, is what, to a large extent, is fueling the rage of the protesters. SZ 14.08.2011, 13:43

They have them too...Les Boomers-Baby


Friday, August 19, 2011

Excuse Me? Work Permits For Illegals?

More Americans are unemployed and Obama wants to hand out work permits to illegals? I officially hate this guy. What a kick in the teeth to American citizens who have been out of work for the last 3 years. They keep citing this number of 300,000. What about the other 20,000,000? Wow. A President who hates his own people. What a fool I was to vote for this guy. I apologize again to my fellow Americans for voting for him. It will not happen again.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Flash Mobs - This Nonsense Must Stop - Mayor Of Philly

Thank God. People are starting to talk again like when I was a kid. The mayor of Philadelphia gave a brilliant speech at church. No nonsense, straight talk about what you should and shouldn't do. I hope there are more like that where he came from, because if there are, things just might be OK. It is the first time in a very long time that I have heard somebody list off what they are NOT GOING TO TOLERATE.

Beautiful. Watch the video - it'll cheer you up.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Media (And The Banksters) HATE Ron Paul - So I Love Him - Even Jon Stewart Notices

As you know, our media is lying to us, and surprise surprise, even John Stewart noticed how the Bankster Media ignores Ron Paul. Why? I suspect Ron Paul would NOT have handed over Trillions of Dollars to the BANKSTERS. Do you like being lied to? The media is supposed to be one of the checks in the checks and balances thing that prevents tyranny against the people. Everybody who wants to live under TYRANNY, RAISE THEIR HAND. Hey, here's another thought... Ron Paul won't try to censor the internet. I wonder how ANONYMOUS feels about Ron Paul.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Politicians Who Care About Black Americans Turn Out To Show Their Support

I attended this conference, so I can verify that not one local "representative of the people" turned out to discuss the catastrophic unemployment which plagues black Americans in Southern California which is partly due to the worsening economy in California but not insignificantly a result of Hispanic racism against blacks.

This is what the people of color coalition looks like when Blacks are suffering.

Memin Pinguin
Memin Pinguin
This should give you something to think about if you happen to belong to one of the other little separatist "communities" which the Progressive Left loves to exploit. In reality, it is all about power and they do not give a rat's ass about you. They are a fraud.


Some Examples Of Hispanic Racism Against Blacks

  1. discusses the threats made against (Real) Civil Rights Activist (and my friend) Ted Hayes - and the non-reaction by the (In) Justice Department. Here is a link to the sickening video, which demonstrates what real racism actually looks like. There is no dialog, just a Spanish language shouting song, which I do not understand but for a few words, and I have a strong suspicion it is not very nice. So, the next time you try to discuss something, and somebody calls you a racist to try and shut you up, direct them to this video, so they may learn the difference between real racism, which is stupid and evil, and legitimate discussions, including those involving race.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Things I want In My Next President - A Shopping List

As I think of stuff, I will add it here.

  1. Regards the US Constitution as the ultimate authority and the law of the land. Period. None of this "outdated" stuff, the guys that wrote that document and all that goes with it were some of the smartest people to walk the face of the earth. The more I read, the more evident this becomes. Anybody who says otherwise is trying to screw you over in some way, and what they are really saying is that they want to take your money, run your life and tell you what to think.
  2. Is willing to have an open, honest debate regarding our system of money. We need to have a national lesson on just how our monetary system works, who has control over it, who benefits from it and what we expect to achieve by it. I have a masters degree in economics and throughout my studies, the Federal Reserve system was presented as a given, the gold standard written off as archaic and a relic of the past. We are about to learn why this should not be the case, and we need to look at our system of money as a country because it is central to our well-being. Unless you are happy being controlled by the Banksters. I do not know at this point what the answer is, I am, much to my chagrin, painfully ignorant on this topic, but I do know enough about how things work to know that this should be issue number 1 of any political debate, because unless our money is sound, nothing else really matters much. I am trying to read the GAO Report on the Federal Reserve, so I will let you know what I come up with.
  3. Will start any campaign speech with the phrase: "My name is Blah Blah Blah, I am currently owned by    .. (insert truthful list of shareholders - and I mean ALL CANDIDATES)". We know somebody owns you, we are not idiots, just tell us who and their ownership percentages and let us be the judge. I want this list updated in real-time and you should be able to access it at all times, as should we for that matter.
  4. NO LIARS. If caught lying to the American Public, you agree to face the firing squad. I volunteer to be part of that firing squad, and I can assure you I will use live bullets and sleep very well at night. I just need to learn how to shoot first.
  5. WILL UPHOLD AND DEFEND OUR LAWS - NO AMNESTY - if you want to import the entire population of Mexico and make them citizens, then tell us that, explain why you want to do this, respectfully debate the opposing arguments and then abide by the electoral result. That is how a free people in a democracy do things. It is the only fair and just way. If you try to lie to us, or mislead us in any way, then I urge you to read item 4 again.
  6. HATES, LOATHES AND DESPISES GOLDMAN SACHS - and would like nothing better than to see the entire lot of them thrown into the slammer. I realize that this may be considered unreasonable by some, but I don't care. If you turn out to be like AL GORE and are in bed with them plotting how to rape the American public via some phony do-gooder tax, refer once more to item #4.
  7. WILLING TO PROSECUTE MOODY'S, S&P ET AL for fraud, incompetence and general stupidity. If there is no law for that, make one. We'll all look the other way for 15 minutes. We are not going to shrug off what has been done to this country. We expect to see some heads on some sticks. (Expression courtesy of John & Ken)
That's it for now.


PS - If you would like to volunteer for the firing squad or be on the heads-on-a-stick committee, just leave a message in the comments section (and indicate your preference). Thank you, and have a lovely day.

My Take On The Republican Candidates - Based On The Debates

  1. Hunstman - I really liked him in "Fargo", but I think he is doing too much speed.
  2. Senator "Howdy Doody" Santorum - Tra la la boom de ay
  3. Cain - Nice poetry reference
  4. Paul - Damn straight, well said, speaks the truth, hate his immigration views.
  5. Romney - I hate this guy. Really, really detest him. Fake, Phony - he is the stooge candidate - the one the media will hype and if elected, will carry on the same old crap as Bush, Obama and their puppeteer.
  6. Bachman - Pretty. Is actually a good thing that doesn't have a lot of "successes" - that's what "less government" looks like.
  7. Pawlenty - I have the urge to beat him up, and he looks vaguely like a bug. Has no clue. He is the one who chastised Bachman for her record and lack of "successes". As a Californian, currently trying to survive our state legislators 750 "successes" of 2010, and a fan of incandescent light bulbs!! it appears to me that their "successes" are the bane of my existence. More California "Successes"
  8. Newt - Hmm. He knows something, and says something besides "I love America" - I love America too, but this time around, we need skill, knowledge and competence. This guy is a possible for me. My best friend tells me he is also the stooge candidate and might be paired with the other stooge candidate.
  9. Sarah Palin - While not present, and apparently not running, I would like to point out that despite the ridicule heaped on her by the media and the left, the state of Alaska is not broke. She fought corruption in her own party, challenged the corrupt status quo - and won and she looked good doing it. Did I mention that the state of Alaska is NOT BROKE?
Factoids: 16% of employed Angelinos work for the government. That means, 6.25 private employees are carrying (paying for) one government job. 18,000 of those government jobs pay more than $100,000 - and will continue to do so even after they retire. LA will soon be inhabited by government workers and illegal aliens only. It is a horrid place.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

California Sit Down And Quack - Like a Good Little Duck

I hope everyone is paying attention to the violence in London. We will soon have similar here. Similar, but much worse. The UK doesn't have violent Mexican gangs in every city, the way we do here. Excuse me, Violent, ARMED TO THE TEETH Mexican gangs with a penchant for beheading or skinning alive or whatever else they can think up.

There will soon come a point when there is no more arguing over illegal immigration, since the effects of allowing millions of hostile foreigners to sneak into the country will soon be evident. It will give a new meaning to the term "bleeding heart liberal".

On the bright side, Americans are about to get a first hand lesson on the 2nd Amendment, and why our founding fathers put the right to bear arms into the Constitution - So very high upon the list even - at #2.

I think their reasoning went something like this: "The pen is mightier than the sword, but just in case you run out of ink, keep a healthy stock of bullets."

Yup. Turns out actions do have consequences, and not everybody is a winner.

Have a nice day.


Friday, August 05, 2011

Sharia Controlled Zone - In The UK

The last time I was in Sacramento, California, I noticed billboards with the message "Get To Know Islam" nearly everywhere I went. I do not want to "Get To Know Islam" any more than I already do. I know enough. I know that Islam is a legal system that has not changed since it was conceived of in the 7th century, and that there is not one single Muslim country in the world where any sort of modernized, civilized interpretation is practiced.

Even in Turkey, which has a secular government, things like honor killings are common place, and are part and parcel with Turks who emigrate, for example, to Germany. I know this because I used to read about these honor killings in my morning newspaper. Girls stabbed or shot, usually because they were caught dating a non-Muslim.

What you see in the picture above is a set of laws. They are being plastered all over in London and other cities by "radical" Muslims. In reality, it is the first attempt to carve out areas of Britain and impose Sharia. These areas, once established, will grow in size and influence until the UK has been defeated.

Just because you think it'll never happen here, does not mean that it won't. If you had told me in 2001 that they would be building a giant Mosque on the ashes of the world trade center, I would have thought you were nuts, too.


Wednesday, August 03, 2011

3 arrested on raw-milk charges

3 arrested on raw-milk charges - Did everybody know you can get arrested for selling raw milk? For that, they haul you off to jail. Sneak into the country illegally, you can lie, cheat and steal to your heart's content. They'll even designate a day to honor your crimes. Keep on voting those Democrats into office, it'll be good practice for when it is illegal not to.


Housing Crisis - Could It Be Intentional?

Land… cannot be treated as an ordinary asset, controlled by individuals and subject to the pressures and inefficiencies of the market. Private land ownership is also a principal instrument of accumulation and concentration of wealth and therefore contributes to social injustice; if unchecked, it may become a major obstacle in the planning and implementation of development schemes. The provision of decent dwellings and healthy conditions for the people can only be achieved if land is used in the interest of society as a whole.
What better way to take away your house than to set up a situation which would do it - and let them blame you for it? You probably won't protest too much either, if you no longer own anything, if they tell you all land will be used for the "public good".

From The Vancouver Declaration on Human Settlements and the Vancouver Action Plan - A UN Conference held in 1976 - and don't forget Agenda 21.

The UN is dangerous. We need to get out of it.