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Sunday, January 29, 2012

G-Spat In Europe

I am rooting for an end to the European Union, for no other reason than the fact that I actually like diversity. Not the phony kind we have here which is an excuse for giving stuff to people who haven't earned it and creating high-paying government positions for incompetent Baby-Boomers. Real diversity - where culture, customs and language are preserved as borders are crossed and people realize there is more to life than simplicity of business transactions.

It appears as if I might get my way as we approach what may turn into a showdown between Germany and Greece as a direct result of Germans being German and Greeks being Greek. They just never learn.

This just can't end well. If I could offer a bit of advice to the Greeks, it would be to tell them that they will never win based on the merits of their arguments or anything resembling facts or reason. Germans are always right and if you try to fight them on their terms you will come to understand this and you will lose.

Their weakness is the emotional realm - they hate it and are rendered defenseless and confused by displays of emotion. Just don't make them mad. Get out quickly in a sea of Greek flags and love for country and deal with the consequences - don't try to squeeze more money out of them first.


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