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Monday, January 16, 2012

Our National Shame - Veterans Abandoned

If you seek your information from a source other than the presstitute media you may have heard about the positively criminal treatment of our nations veterans. Starting with engaging them in a war based on a lie, giving them munitions containing depleted uranium which ravages both the soldiers and the civilian populations of the unlucky countries where it is being used.

Upon returning, soldiers sick and/or broken are given barely enough to live on and little help from the VA. The suicide rate among our veterans is SEVEN times what was observed in prior wars. I just heard that 18 veterans commit suicide each day - here at home. Sum that up and the yearly total is as high as the casualty totals from the entire war.

A big problem seems to be getting to the doctor. That's right, the men and women who went off to do our dirty work can't find a ride to their medical appointments. Anybody still feeling proud out there? You shouldn't. Feelings of pride must be earned, and we have not earned it. Not by a long shot.

The people running this country are some of the most vile, degenerate, disgusting criminals ever assembled in one place since the beginning of time. Same goes for anybody involved in the farce called the main stream media. More aptly described as presstitutes.


Vote for Ron Paul

PS - I personally will have no qualms about cutting off Social Security to the baby boomers. They do not deserve to retire.

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